Friday, January 22, 2010

Food Fun Friday **Help**

So most of you know my daughter in AZ is having a baby (duh, I've only been talking about it every other day for 9 months)
We leave next week and part of my job in AZ is Making FOOD. And preparing dinners to be left in the freezer so they'll have something to eat after we leave. I don't think I've ever done that on a big/future scale before. So far I've only figured out that I'll cook up some chicken breasts and leave some shredded chicken and cubed chicken to be added to ??? quesadillas and such, but HELP ME figure out real recipes that you can freeze and heat up at a later date!

When you make meals for others What Do You Make for them?
Do you buy those throw away gladware black cooking/baking pans?
Can you freeze pasta? Rice is ok, but I don't know pasta usually is slimmy.
Is there an easier way to do this??? easy* easy* easy
(I know Mr. P, we are on vacation , it won't be ALL work... there will be sun!!!!!)

I need my bloggy friends help on this one. Hopefully I can get a recipe from each of you.. and then I'll just go to town cooking and such. Lauren & baby & Will will not have to worry about cooking for a little while, just getting to know each other!
and changing diapers, and washing spit up, and sleeping in 2hour intervals and hahahaha CHANGING YOUR LIVES!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lisalulu! My daughter is pregnant as well, but she isn't due until June. We are so excited to welcome our 1st grandchild! I always make canneloni for people and they love it. I'm happy to share my recipe if you would like it. Just let me know. I'm at or e-mail me Good luck! Marcia

Lauren said...

hahaha--- this is assuming i have ANY room in my tiny freezer! :) are you an expert freezer re-organizer also? cant wait cant wait cant wait! (literally.)---- ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!!

The McEwans said...

I've got a bunch if you want me to make copies of the recipes. :) We had to get a chest freezer since we also like getting tons of berries too but was worth it!

Gilbert Family said...

this was such a blessing when my mom did this. made pasta with sauce freezes wonderfully and super easy and fast to heat up. lasagna, pasta, casseroles, etc are super easy to heat up and you can make a lot of them.

Em said...

get the book "dinner is ready!!!" you can get it on amazon. it teaches you how to make 30 meals in one day, how to best shop for a month's food, how to organize your freezer to fit it all, and how to make a list for everything. it is soooooo awesome!!! i've done it several times. lasagne and manicotti are my FAVORITE freezer meals. it does everything from soups, stews, casserole's, etc. i think it costs $12. i got mine from deseret book, but you can get it on amazon. there are SOOOO many recipes you can do. i think it has over 150 to choose from. email me if you need more details! yay for cooking day!

Em said...
here's the link!

De Hutch said...

Here is a good website for preparing "fast" but healthy food..

love ya good luck lauren omg baby!!! I feel OLD NOW!!!

Heather said...

YOU WON!!!! I can't wait to meet you at your FREE photo shoot! Please email me at so we can set up a time for your shoot.