Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Please excuse me...

Please excuse me..
STILL in the middle of    'THE MOVE' 
you know even if you ARE moving across town, and only taking the esentials with you... it is physically and emotionally draining.

Let me show you my NEW computer desk:
a childs table and chair, I will add that I can only sit for 10 minutes before my leg cramps up and my butt is asleep.

Please excuse me for not blogging
and excuse me for not reading any blogs for 2 weeks
I know life will return to normal, well, no. the NEW normal! 
in the Anne Frank room

3 Wonderful People Who Commented:

Julia said...

Lisa , don't worry about nor visiting my blog. I quite understand. Having to purge must be bitter sweet.

Cute little desk though. I hope that you'll be back to normalcy soon. JB

Julia said...

Oops, that should read "not visiting" JB

Sue said...

We'll be here waiting for you. Good luck with everything!