Thursday, July 19, 2012

oh where oh where is my Bloggy Mojo

Why yes it HAS been a while since I’ve blogged.
Whether I have lost my bloggy mojo, or I have too much on my mind to write a post, I really can’t answer.
Here’s the update:
We bought a house in AZ.
We have sold my mothers house.
I gave my notice at work.
I gave my notice at church. (praying for a pianist for the primary).
I pack boxes and move stuff around every night.
I spend a lot more time at the fax machine faxing papers back in forth to banks, Real Estate offices, etc.
I am drained at the end of every day, which seems to be earlier and earlier each day (tonight I hope I can make it to 8pm)

Please excuse my absence, I just don’t feel a ‘need’ to blog right now, so all you faithful readers (all 4 of you) THANK YOU and 'bare' with me… I may be popping in and out with little tidbits of enjoyment…
But don’t expect any recipes from me!
(I did try a couple of cookie recipes last week when my cousin and family from Great Falls, MT were visiting).. but they were not very good.  And the meal I made them wasn’t that great either (they didn’t eat much and I felt really bad! So Pizza the next night I’m sure was a welcome sight or taste).  So I’m giving them a  FAIL. 
I was actually trying to use all I have in the kitchen cabinets…
Hey maybe I WILL post tomorrow a  Food Fun Friday Fail. Ha ha ha ha   Nah, probably not!
I will leave you with a picture of our new home in Litchfield Park, AZ.

6 Wonderful People Who Commented:

regan said...

What a beautiful place!

Julia said...

Lisa, I quite understand. You can only stretch yourself so much and something has to give.
Your new house looks so beautiful from the outside and I'm sure the inside is also beautiful.

I haven't posted since July 4th. Too busy and I had internet connections problems which are finally fixed.

Hugs, JB

Lauren said...

Can;t wait til you're here!!

Sue said...

Your new home looks wonderful! I hope you have many years of happiness there.

I haven't been blogging as frequently, either. I used to do six times a week...! With Dave home all the time now, I like to go every other day or every third day.


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

pretty home in AZ..when will you be moving? have you thought about renting yours till the economy improves? have a great week and hope to see you on friday.;)

Suzanne said...

Beautiful home! How exciting -- although obviously a lot on your plate right now. For me, blogging is something I do when I don't have anything better to do. ;o)