Thursday, November 8, 2012

More of the Aqua and Coral Wedding

Isn't this the cutest picture, my family came over when I was making things for the wedding and so I snapped their picture holding this cute ETERNITY banner!

...and now for MORE pictures of the Wedding I helped with.  Aqua, Coral with VINTAGE as the theme!
 entry way
Photo sign in
for the receiving line
love this picture
suitecase and hope chests: to put the cards and presents
tablescapes with vintage items
tandom bike in the backround
 yes that's right... It's a WAFFLE bar
 beautiful cake, although pretty dark outside!

4 Wonderful People Who Commented:

Julia said...

Lisa, you are very creative and I'm sure that they appreciated all your efforts in decorating for their wedding and that cake is bee-u-tee-ful..


Blessings from Cindy said...

What a beautiful wedding! The whole theme is so cute & I love the hope chests & suitcase to hold presents & cards. What a fab idea. You did a great job!

Momza said...

love the whimsy and colors and all those smiles!

Sue said...

Great colors, and just right for Arizona!