Sunday, August 9, 2009

I love Yard Sales

This weeks haul was a strange one...
Kieri and I went to 4 sales before WE HIT THE MOTHER LODE... a development (manufactured homes) with 37, count them 37 people having garage sales! That said, we didn't come across any "great" items, but enough cool things to certainly make it worth our while...
my biggest and best I didn't even take a picture of. I got 20 MAGAZINES!!! (one dollar) Better Homes & Gardens, and Martha Stewart and O...I love magazines and TV at night...

uh ahem... back to the finds:
a very cool OAK rack for the garage $1, plateholder $1, paint brush bucket 25cents,bags of buttons&rickrack and a light for hubby($3)

a LARGE lamp FULL OF BUTTONS (5) and a rack to repaint and fill (1)
A beautiful soft baby quilt (2) and a RED table cloth (3)

That said, after 41 garage sales in one morning (it was now noon) we called it a day and didn't even go to the rest of the 15 garage sales in town (another one was in a large development too)

As the day ended (7pm), we were headed home from Home depot and on the main drag we saw a little hand painted sign (free stuff, take all you want) it was pointed to the Senior Center which had had a garage sale Thurs & Fri....( kieri found a mouse for her lap top there)... so we MADE Mr produce turn in.... and .....WOWWie Zowwie... lots of junk left over FOR FREEEEEEEE>>>
Wheeeeeeeeeeeee. (Mr produce was now sorry he turned in~) K & I spent a half hour going thru boxes... (giddy laughing ensued) and lookie lookie:
free, free, free, 3 small Christmas trees. A box full of greenery!!!!! Christmas and otherwise, 3 stencils, more basket ribbon, nests, suction cups, - - uh oh, somehow THAT picture got deleted, but take my word lots of crafty stuff! then.... then.... I saw the best FREE treasure of all.
A chair.

This is the official Before picture:
and as soon as I find the deserving material.. it will become a beautiful accent chair for the living room. IT IS STURDY AND JUST NEEDS LOVE AND A MAKEOVER!
WHAT A DAY. free free free

disclaimer: I live in a small town where 65% of the population is over 65. There are a LOT of yard sales ...reasons: downsizing/death/moving/to make friends. Most garage/yard/estate sales are on Friday, I can only go on Sat

3 Wonderful People Who Commented:

Lauren said...

LOL you and your free Christmas greenery... haha... Can't wait to see what the chair-makeover looks like. And I love the baby blankie-- moon and stars!

Sue said...

I just love the bargains you find! I particularly love the baby blanket and that pretty blue dish with the swirl at the end this time.

I wish I lived closer so I could come!


Manuela@Pleasures of Homemaking said...

That's a lot of yard sales! You found some great things! I love getting magazines so cheap and the chair is great!