Monday, August 24, 2009

Lisa's craft night

First of all I have to say its great being (sort of) back. The computer is STILL harboring viruses so I can't use the PC, I am resorting to using mr. produce's laptop, and (cringe) loading my pics on it!
- - - Let's get started.
This month's craft class was all about the MONOGRAM. I found a pot (ok, it is a little garbage can) and thought it would look classy monogrammed!
I found a font i liked on line and downloaded it...(hmmmmm is that where i caught the virus?) ... printed it, used carbon paper and traced it.
yep, tracing
all ready to fill in the blank with a sharpie
Here's Kieri helping with the final detail. WHAT concentration!!!!
And there you have it, my very own ... garbage can, uhm pot for ivy&roses.
I wanted to do a button pillow. I will give this to my mom for her birthday next month.
for Mary Louise.
Again download a cool looking font (I'm still wondering???????) then use white tracing paper and trace it onto fabric. Make sure your fabric is big enough for the size pillow you want to make.
trace it onto the fabric
use buttons to fill in the outline, I used white buttons AND I used white tracing paper.
lift up each button and add a tiny bit of glue, just enough to keep it in place while you are sewing all the buttons on.
I used a stiff fabric behind my blue fabric to keep it from stretching while I was sewing all the buttons on. After all the buttons are sewn on, sew up your pillow ( I used a contrasting piece to frame the button area.. and also make it a little bit bigger) and here you have the final project.
Do any of you have any monogram projects out there??? I think everyone loves to see their "letter" adorn almost anything (even a garbage can)

4 Wonderful People Who Commented:

Kiurious said...

Your pillow is wonderful, It turned out very nice.

Sue said...

Very cute! You are really good at this sort of thing. (I am so NOT good at it.)

But I appreciate it when others are...


Lauren said...

Ooh! The pillow is very cute! Nana will love it! Her bday is rapidly approaching, isn't it!?

Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

How fabulous! I've wanted to do a monogram button pillow for awhile now and yours turned out so lovely.

Thank you again for the lovely lavender sachet...not only is it gorgeous, it smells divine. So very kind and thoughtful of you!