Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Mother

circa 1965

Today is my mother’s Birthday. -82- yep, 9/11

Up until she was 80, she NEVER, never, never, ever wanted anyone to know how old she was. She has always been serious about that. I remember as a little girl in elementary school there was some sort of puzzle/trick/equation that you put all these numbers here and there and at the end of it you got the person’s age, and I said .. so mommy you are _ _ _ and she was SCHOCKED, aghast.. and really upset that I had “figured” it out.

My mom IS the picture perfect 50’s mom. She never drove. She never worked (she babysat here and there). She was the mom. She got us rides everywhere. She made penny pinching meals (rice&peas&tuna casserole) and all of our clothes (well Nana, her mother made our coats).

I will mention now that she HATED having her picture taken. There were not many family photos in our house. (even their wedding photos were tucked away and only since she’s moved here has she taken the photo out and framed it) Oh and let me mention here that my dad was a photographer, he did brochures, portraits and weddings etc. No pictures of my mom! All the pictures my dad (tried) to take of my mom had 1. newspaper in front of her fact, 2.a body only as the face was hiding behind someone else, or 3. a blurry back that turned just in the nick of time so as never to be in a photo. On the flip side there are very few pictures of my dad because HE WAS ALWAYS TAKING THE PICTURES.

My mother does not like change. Good or Bad. She fights change. She lived in her house 50 years. Imagine her answer (3 years ago) when I told her she was going to have to move! .... 2 states away! But she did it, she rose to the occasion and for the most part (except for the snow) is glad she did.

So it has come full circle. Hope I'm as good to you as you are to me.
Not like I'm worried she'll ever read this, ha...guess I could have told all her secrets. Like how she loves her black hair and is REALLY upset that I talked her into letting it go natural. Yep she is ALL grey now, and just hates it!

3 Wonderful People Who Commented:

Sue said...

My mom turned 82 last April. Like your mom, she is beautiful (and entirely gray, too, by the way).

Aren't we lucky they are still with us?


Kiurious said...

I love that first picture, your gloves look oh-so-proper. I didn't know nana and nana made all of your clothes, I knew they made some, but if you had tried to make all my clothes as a kid I would have thrown a fit. Happy Birthday to Nana!

Kim said...

I hope you had a good day with your Mom *hugs*