Sunday, December 13, 2009

Look What I'm making

I am so excited about these cute little memo pads. I am making them for all the ladies in the office, they are a great-different-cool- thrifty gift ( I am trying to use the word Thrifty instead of cheap!) They are pretty easy too, just turn on a good movie (like Julie&Julia) one that you can just enjoy and not have to really think about... and just sit and cut and glue and CREATE.
I found out about them here
You start out with a dollar store picture frame. the stand up kind: You cut a cute piece of paper to fit it, then glue it on.
Then tie on ribbon, glue an embellishment of sorts ( I used some stickers but you could use anything, buttons, charms etc.)
and VIOLA, you have reallllllllllllly cute memo pads.
I've made 10, and I just can't stop making them... (had to get another Red Box movie The Accidental Husband) and I just keep getting ideas and make more and more!!!!!

3 Wonderful People Who Commented:

Sue said...

Pretty nifty!


Em said...

so cute.

Lauren said...

those are cute! now i understand your description over the phone (much better with pictures!) :)