Monday, February 15, 2010

ten things I've learned from being away from home for 18 days

1. AZ's sun is warm and a bright spot for us winter/cold dwellers.
2. Having a new baby in the family changes your life-all logic tells you this... or that will happen but until you actually experience it.. you are changed forever.
3. A daughter will always want her mommy, thank goodness.
4. Memories are always close at hand.
5. You miss things you knew you would: husband, pillow, bed. And things you didn't know you would: sewing machine, books, computer files, facewash, conditioner.
6. No matter how homesick you are it sucks to go back to 'the real world' (work)
7. There is SO much creative information out there in bloggville.... I could never have enough time to capture and take it all in.. and NOW I have way too much inspiration to follow which means I'll NEVER have enough time to make what I have seen.
8. House plants survive when only watered twice in 18 days.
9. Families are for loving.
10. Home is where your heart is so 'home' is never far away.

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Sue said...

I am planning a trip to visit my grandchildren soon, and I can't wait. There's just nothing better. And I always experience the same bittersweet re-entry into "normal life."


PS. Isn't being a grandma fun?

Lauren said...


Grandma Yellow Hair said...

You learned a lot in that
Great to have you back and I am too excited about my winning your giveaway. Don't forget I am putting in on my site which will lead people to your wonderful site and also I am getting ready for another giveaway myself