Thursday, February 23, 2012

What's happening to me?

1. I am a little bit frazzled... really just a little.
2.  I love my blog friends and all the help they give me... TUNA FISH SANDWICHES-  ok I'm going to try a new tuna recipe tomorrow!
3.  I haven't read any blogs in 4 days, this is a fact that I hate and one that I just can't do anything about so I'm just going to deal with it.
4.  two words:  Downtown Abbey   Thanks for recommending it, and you know who you are actually MANY of you have recommended it... and using the sarcastic font:  Thank You
5.  I don't know how mom's who work full time blog. 
6.  I highly value sleep, at least 9 hours!
7.  I can't open jars the way I used to...this is a new discovery which I also hate.
8.  My daughter told me that I sounded just like my mother... the things I complain about that she(my mother) does.. I AM DOING.. wow that one hit below the belt.

Maybe I am more than a little frazzled! 
I think I'm going back to sleep now!
No, I will persevere and go to work.
then come home and pack more boxes.

Thanks I'm glad we had this little talk.
Want to come over and watch Downtown Abbey?

5 Wonderful People Who Commented:

Julia said...

I hope that your packing is coming along well. It's a great time to purge. I get frazzled and I'm not moving. I have the same problem as yo opening jar. Now my left hand is stronger than my right.

Momza said...

Moving makes me frazzled too. I hate owning so much stuff just to get thru this life! lol I haven't tuned into Downtown Abbey yet, but everyone I know is watching it so that makes me wonder if it's as addicting as Pinterest? I don't think I can handle one more addiction. If I lived by you though, I'd skip over there in a heartbeat n' help you pack, make tuna sandwiches and indulge in your
new addiction. lol cheers!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

did you sell your house?..I can't open bottles like I used to I got a jar opener from Pampered self we don't need our hubbys to help us..another series you would love..Lark rise to Candleford..oh my goodness I can't put this series down..I am watching it on netflix right now..but would love to own it.;) take care and let calgon take you away.;)

Sue said...

There isn't much that's more stressful than moving. Hang in there, Lisa!


Lauren said...

I was honest because i love you. :) and you were. but you can't fix what you don't acknowledge!! love you. :)