Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Pitty Train has left the station

The pitty train has left the station, and I have gotten off!!!
Yes Sir-eee.  I am tired of riding that ole' downer.  I am tired of crying and wallowing!
New day, new week and I am ready for my new life (well I have been ready for my new life for 16months now but who's counting!)

It will be hard not stepping back on the train platform, but I am determined to ignore all the bad and look at the good! 
For today I am choosing to be happy.   
More than just slapping a smile on my face, I will be slapping a smile on my heart and counting my blessings. 

So to start this week out right (before you think I'm crazy, yesterday was a holiday so 'really' today is the first day of the week!)... I am making a change:
I will be parting my hair on the 'other' side. 
Sarcasam, just one more service I offer

6 Wonderful People Who Commented:

Pat said...

Hoping all turns around for you soon. Sitting on the edge like you have been, waiting to start your life where you want to be, must be horrible.

Momza said...

I want to say something very cute and fun and cheerful,
but what I'm actually thinking is:
life is hard. And tries my patience when I can't see the end from the beginning.
And what I've really learned is that when Sister Linda Reeves said, "Adversity is a great teacher.", she was right.
I've learned more from my adversity than I've ever learned from my absolute joys.
In fact, it is because of my trials than I relish my joys as much as I do.
Perspective. It comes along, eventually, but not without a price.
Hold on. Stay in the boat. You can do hard things. Be patient. You can do it. Go team. Hang in there. Don't worry, Be Happy....have I cheered you up yet? lol

Sending good thoughts your way today, Lisa.

Sue said...

Changing your part is a powerful move, Lisa.


PS. Sending hugs and hoping things turn around for you soon. After reading your post, I have a feeling they will. You've got up a head of steam now!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

you are too funny..but I hear you..I know you want to be gone and being with your family..hopefully this year will be your year..hopefully sooner then later.;)I think changing your part will be a good thing..can't hurt, right?have a great week,;)sending good thoughts your way.;)

Blessings from Cindy said...

I love your sense of humor, Lisa! You have waited a long time for houses to sell and move on. Sometimes life just makes you NEED a pitty party!! There is always a reason to build our patience, but that doesn't make it easy!! Have a great rest of your week, my friend!

Julia said...

Lisa, I hope that the tide of change turns around and gives you a break from all this stress. I hope that things starts to go right for you.

I'm keeping you in my prayers. I like the parting your hair on the other side. You still have your sense of humour. Hugs. JB