Tuesday, October 13, 2009

stressed & sick

Yes, this is exactly what I feel like.

Had a WONDERFUL vacation, and NOW I’m stuck with a sore throat and head cold. My eyes are weeping so much I can’t see, everything is a fog… including my brain. I can’t think clearly.. and I have a lot to do and “think” about *oh yeah*, I HAVE WORK TO DO, so much work to do since I was gone a week. AND THEN there’s alllllll the stuff at home. I have to organize my Craft Class for next week so I can let everyone know what to bring and what we will be making, AND THEN there’s the “Come To The Fair” social on Saturday that I have to make all sorts of posters and name tags and recipe baskets and stage and entry decorations and games and County Fair type questions and prizes AND then make up a booth of my Theater and Costume stuff…. (are you still with me and my whinning????) AND THEN I still have all my blog stuff I organize. Speaking of blogs, I was gone a week and there are so many wonderful –blogged things- from all my blog bff’s that I haven‘t even gotten thru any of them (the posts from last week) because I am so busy and I need to give each one my undivided attention. AND THEN I have to download all my photos and write up a little travel log (I say little because I am determined to NOT bore each of you with my vacation prattle).

But really I have been been quite busy these last 36 hours, I have washed 6 loads of laundry (and there are only two of us!!!!!) and I have made the little breakfast quiches for Mr. Produce’s snack all week, and fed him copious amounts of cold&flu products (guess I should have fed some to myself too) and cooked more dinners and watered and picked up the plants that died (that fall/winter death stuff CERTAINLY NOT because you didn’t water them well Danelle!) and go thru my 120 emails and unsubscribed from every unwanted sales pitch because I never want to go thru that many “buy-me” emails ever again!!! And that is all after my first day at work trying to catch up.

(did you read all that in one breath.. because that is how I felt saying (writing) it)

Ok, Lisa, suck it up, you had a wonderful time now its back to the real world.

No more beautiful sunrises…..

or beautiful sunsets:
Here is a Before picture of me- relaxed on vacation
The one at the top is the after picture of me NOW!!!!

4 Wonderful People Who Commented:

Sue said...

Boy, did you get thumped hard with reality. Sheesh!!!

Hope you feel much, much better soon so you can get back some of that vacation-induced glow.

Many hugs to you.

But I might be wearing a mask.


Lauren said...

:( poor mom. you and kieri are both out of your heads stressed today? me? i am suppressing it and just end up with more and more nightmares :(

Em said...

when i come home from hawaii i always say, "i'm going to stay this laid back and chill forever!" it's lasts a few days...sigh. i heard some actress say once that she shoves toilet paper up her nose or vaseline or something weird when she flies b/c the altitude breaks all of the blood vessels open in your nose and then it's like open season for germs to go straight into your system. she must not be flying on the commercial jets like us b/c having toilet paper coming out of my nose is definitely not something i'll be adding to my traveling reportoire EVER. imagine what tsa would do with that!

Lisa said...

ok, Emily, THAT is the funniest thing I have ever heard!!! and no I am not going to try it!!!