Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Coming to terms with my 'Saving Addiction'

This weekend we were back to the NEVER ENDING job of getting our house in order.

Over the weekend we (he) painted the LAST room in our house!! 
Next week carpet.
And I am still trying to par down and get rid of stuff we don’t need..
Love it or lose it
Toss and tidy up
de clutter
pack away stuff ya don't need 
These phrases are my watch cry

Here it is ... confession time.... (Mr. Produce look away)...
I really can’t believe all the ‘stuff’ I have JUST IN CASE
I mean come on, WHY? do I have a box of shells, and a whole stack lf construction paper... and a drawer full of crepe paper... and a large heavy box of books my girls read while they were growing up. I could go on but I won't.  (we won't even mention all the costumes I have collected!!)
As much as I preach LOVE IT OR LOSE IT to my mother (who DOES NOT listen to me) I am finding it hard to do this myself. 
Such is my inner dialogue.

I figured I'd "put it out there" so I could be guilted into finally getting rid of the boxes of all this good stuff.  MAYBE...I'll just leave it boxed up and in 5 years if I haven't used it I'll give it to Goodwill.  
THAT's what I'll do, just box it, label it and no one will be the wiser.
Thanks guys for listening and supporting me...
No more guilt for me, Hey, I'm organized, It's all boxed up right? 
check check and check
here's another motto I just might follow

8 Wonderful People Who Commented:

regan said...

That's the key....don't buy stuff!

Everytime I think about getting something at the store.....I say OUTLOUD, "This is just going to end up in next year's garage sale...nope...I don't need it!"

I have cut WAY down on my clutter...and the saving's account is actually growing! Cool!

Sue said...

I'm just going to add confusion to the mix by saying this:

Every time I DO finally make myself get rid of something like those supplies you mentioned, inevitably within a week or two I or someone else needs the very thing(s) I donated.

So annoying!!!


Momza said...

Love a good purge!! I'm doing that today too, in my storage room. The more I can toss out, the BETTER!!!

Anonymous said...

You are doing a lot better than I am but I am slowly working at it. Hugs

Bettyann said...

Oh my goodness..I am laughing so hard..we downsized 2 years ago..shredded old papers from 2 filing cabinets.. purged..and now my craft/guestroom is overflowing with stuff again..I thought it was just being part ukrainian that made me hoard...oh well off to the charity store as you never know what goodie they might have LOL

Garden of Egan said...

That's pretty funny.

I'm a tosser. I save nothing. Probably had something to do with moving about 7 times in 3 years.
There were things I realized I didn't need.

My rule is, if I haven't touched it, used it, remembered I had it.....I probably don't need it.
Give it to some church group, paper stuff give to a preschool, GET RID OF IT! You'll feel so much better.

I attended a class years ago and the teacher said : stuff owns you. You have to move it, clean it, pay for it, dust it, store it........
It makes me think twice about my purchases.

Lauren said...

I need to not buy stuff. thats my problem exactly!

Shelly said...


Shells, Construction and Crepe Paper???? Be Still my Heart!!!!! You'd best donate them to MOI before they go to the GW!

I'm gaining a Rep, Okay? Take Saturday for instance, when we opened at Joyworks. Penny bought me a bag of WONDERFUL Golden Trims/sequins, etc at an Antique Store in Edmonds.....She said, it just looked like somehing I should have!

And, another friend brought a bag of laces, ribbons, doillies ( I don't think I ever spell that word right and I'm a College Grad), etc. "Can you Use this Shell?"

Well,,,,maybe not right NOW, but soon, and then I'll have it when I need it!

I'm with you on the Labeling thing,,and if your not sure, just label it, "If I don't use this soon, maybe SHELL will!"

Hugs and Love! Miss you,,,,,Come to Ruffles and Rust this weekend in Monroe! You KNOW you want to! Deb will be there and Mary and Moi......Life is Short!!