Tuesday, February 1, 2011

cleaning-thinking and hoarding towels

STILL working on my house.
We are now on the dreaded…. Craft/Office
And it’s all about: cleaning, sorting, loving it or losing it, painting, boxing it, organizing, throwing lots away….
And it’s really about what is running through my head:
*I might need this
*I am always looking for one of these
*I saw this really cool thing on someone’s blog.. so I’ll just save it for when I make that
*Everyone always needs more 60’s fabric
*And jingle bells… always a big need for those…
*And TOLE PAINTING… it is sure to come back, so I’ll just keep all these pattern books!!
*I know I have a lot of patterns, so I’ll just start another box and collect MORE, because you never know when you have to make a costume for the middle ages, (or the 1950’s or a southern Bell etc.)
*Oh this is pretty, I remember when we got these
*I wonder if I will ever make this
*I can’t remember why I have these
*I should have thrown these away years ago
*And this material is so beautiful, I’ll keep it, I don’t know what to make with it, and I don’t want to waste it because it is so beautiful, so I’ll just cart it around for another 35 years and NEVER USE IT because it is so beautiful !
Yes, the inner dialogue was in full swing~

And now I have questions for all of you...
I was reading on some "organizational" post somewhere..
that most people have 2 towels for every person.....
well I guess I'm a hoarder because I have.... well too many..
Is that because I'm old? and my kids are grown and gone? and we are from two previous marriages and both had sets of towels? or is it because I like to use a clean towel every time I bath? Also when I go to the hot tub?
Come on you can tell me... am I a towel hoarder??

9 Wonderful People Who Commented:

blueviolet said...

I have 4 per person, I think. Two is cutting it too close!

Momza said...

First off, I have those same thoughts in my head when I clean...but I go the other way:
"I haven't seen of thought of this in a year, toss it!" I do not save much.
And second, I love towels. And I know we have more than 2 pp...more like 6 pp. Or more.
And I was just looking at some old ones and telling Mr. W it was time to buy some more. Whereupon, he laughed. at me.

regan said...

Let's see, there are two of us now (we were 5), I buy sets in 6 or 8 towels, and have the everyday set, the dark guest set (when men are visiting), and the supremely white plush guest set (when it's all women visiting). There are also all the still-decent towels from previous sets, that we use by the washer for rainy day walks, drying the dogs, etc.

I've also kept really old, but still nice towels, because I had all these craft ideas to use them.....they are in a back linen closet, cuz I keep thinking I'm going to start those projects tomorrow! HA!

So, 2 people, 60+ towels.....no!, I'm not a hoarder! HA! And neither are you! You can never have too many!

Mumsy, Chancy and Company said...

How can anyone have too many towels? We are always needing a towel for one reason or another and who wants to have to wash towels often anyway...nope, you do not have too many towels.

Sue said...

As a towel hoarder myself, I'm not sure I'm the person to ask...


Garden of Egan said...

You MIGHT be a towel hoarder, but it's oK.
Really, you never know.
Things might get REALLY bad and then you are going to need them.

Interesting post, cuz I've just had a child move back home and I lost my craft room. Now I have a corner in my hubby's computer/office room.
I was heartless and I cleaned, chucked and orgainized.
Then I went and more more fabric.
The End.

Lauren said...

like mother like daughter-- if you are guilty, I am too! I love towels... though they get crunchy in the hard water here (no baking soda hasnt fixed it) so I need to replace them-- but the ones i got two months ago are already getting crunchy too! ick.

Joanna Jenkins said...

I live by the "you can never have too many towels" rule so the more the merrier in my book.

And your inner dialogue is a hoot! I've had that same conversation with myself sooooo many times.

Cheers, jj

kieri said...

Same inner diaglog here except I take it one step further and say, "Oh, I was going to make this sometime. Why don't I just stop cleaning and make it now?" It drives Russell crazy. And as Russell works in a pool and uses a towel every day, we probably have 20 towels between us and we never have enough.