Monday, November 7, 2011

SCAM ALERT- credit card that is

I knew there was something up when my mother called and said....
 "I just got off the phone with my credit card company, well at least I hope they were my credit card company because I just gave them all of my information..."
I have spent the last 3 days trying to rectify this one bad phone call.
"but they were so nice, and he gave me his name and phone number and ID number"
"They are going to give me this really great deal"
If it sounds too good to be true, then it is false.
If you didn't call 'YOUR' creditor, there is something (false) up.
They don't call you clear out of the blue to give you money or something.
oh yeah, and if you did not call your creditors- DO NOT GIVE OUT ANY OF YOUR INFORMATION"  SS#, Birthdate, monthly income, phone numbers, credit card (if it IS the c/c company why would they need your credit card #?)

(just like that 19.95 hearing aid in the Sunday paper!- why would a legitimate company charge $3,000 when you could get one in the paper for 19.95).
gullible = my poor mother
post script= There was no damage done.  a TOTAL miscommunication and an older woman that didn't understand what was going on and afraid to say that she didn't understand... let alone not being able to understand the lady with the heavy accent from the real credit card company!!  I have learned that people a little hard of hearing CAN.NOT. understand others with a heavy accent. (frankly I barely understood her... and the girls in my family *talkreallyfast*)

attn Scam Artists...there is a fraud alert on all her cards for the next 90 days, so don't even bother to call her, she has been instructed to hang up on you. (although she will probably appolizige first).
and just in case...
Equifax 1-800-525-6285
Experian 1-888-397-3742
TransUnion 1-800-680-7289

4 Wonderful People Who Commented:

regan said...

How do those scammers look in the mirror or sleep at night!?! They are pure evil, preying on the old. Glad you mom's was a real's always scary to think what could happen. Thanks for the reminders!

Julia said...

I'm so glad that no damage was done on your mom's Credit card. It's amazing that the scam artist are still in business after all the warning but they keep at it because people still fall for their crafty lies. JB

Sue said...

Those scammers are such scumbags.

Just sayin'.


Joanna Jenkins said...

Grrrrrr! That sort of thing drives me crazy! I'd like to know how they get wired into Seniors. I'm shocked at the number of phone calls my folks get from BS scammers. Mom's on top of things but sheesh. Enough already. Shame on those guys.
Glad you were able to sort things out for your mom.
xo jj