Monday, December 12, 2011

chalkboard tags

This weekend was wonderful.  I am making headway on Christmas!  AND my husband actually to me to a move, not a redbox rental but a movie in an actual theater.  We drove to the theater and saw Breaking Dawn.. hey have I told you-all that we live an hour away from Forks!  haha  and let me tell you there are NO houses out there that look like the Cullins!  They are all more like Jacob's house with the moss on the roof....
but I digress!!

Here is a really fun and great looking tag or ornament or place card.. well you can be truly creative with how you use them. 
You'll need:  chalk board paint and some flat wood cut outs, or some left over counter samples from Home Depot.
Spray away (two or three coats)...and you will want them to dry at room temperature, not 29 degrees out in the garage, bring it in the house and be forewarned that the house will be spraypaint stinky.
After they have dried, you need to 'season' them.  Rub chalk over them and then wipe off. (rub the chalk, don't write the chalk)
You can spruce them up a little by painting an edge.
And there you have it, a fun little tag you can use these for anything... even for little place cards.

4 Wonderful People Who Commented:

Marydon said...

Wow! A real movie, how great can it get? Chuckle! Love the tags, sweetie.

Merry Christmas

Sue said...

My kids LOVE that movie. And I love your tags!


Julia said...

Lucky you. I haven't been to a real movie for years.

Your chalk tags are just great. You always come up with something interesting to do. Thanks. JB

blueviolet said...

Those are really cute, and I love that they can be used over and over and over!