Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My poor Mother

Well my mother had a very bad horrible night (Sunday).
she "fell and couldn't get up"
(my mom and Mary&Bill in AZ)
It was midnight, and when she called me (cell phone) I didn't hear it, (I am a pretty deep sleeper) so he crawled down the hall and pulled some blankets out of the closet and spent the night on the floor, still pretty cold...
When I got ready for work yesterday.. I saw that someone had called my phone...
what?  mother??? at midnight??????
as we ran out the door to drive over there we called and no one answered.  Longest 6 minute drive ever.
There she was in a heap on the floor. 
She is ok, weak, shaky and sore!  I felt her legs and hips and arms and neck, nothing broken.  Her leg just gave out on her and she fell and couldn't get up!!
I didn't see any black and blue marks but I'll be checking her again today.

It is settled.  We are going to sell both of our houses and move in together. 
The writing is on the wall.
and mother is on the floor! and I don't answer the phone at night!
So.... Anyone want to buy a house or two?????

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Blessings from Cindy said...

I'm so sorry Lisa!! What a frightning experience for your mother & you! Those houses have got to sell. I wish I could snap my fingers & magically there would be buyers, but I will pray. It is a miracle that she didn't break anything. That is usually what happens. Keeping you & your mom in my thoughts & prayers.

Julia said...

How frightening this must have been for you and especially your mom. I know that as a person age the body has difficulty generating warmth even when the younger still feel warm.

I hope that nothing was broken, sometimes there could be hair line fractures.

I hope that you can sell your houses quickly and have someone with your mom while you are at work. JB

regan said...

I'm so sorry for your Mom. That must have been scary.....hopefully she didn't hurt anything in the fall.

Can neither of your houses work for you all? What a stress to try and sell 2. I just can't imagine. Maybe renovation on one would be easier? Just a thought!

blueviolet said...

I worry about this all the time with my mom. She is much unsteadier on her feet these days. I know she fell in the snow once and couldn't get up because the snow was so heavy. She had to crawl as best she can to get inside. :(

I'm glad your mom is ok, but I'm so sorry that she fell!

Sue said...

What an awful thing to have happen, Lisa. I'm so sorry! And so glad that she is all right.

I'm lucky my mom has my stepfather to care so well for her. I'd be afraid to let her live alone, too, so I think having your mom move in will give both of you more peace of mind.

Hope she is feeling 100% very soon!


Cherie said...

That is really scary - Not only is it not good to have something happen to your mom, but those late calls are nerve wracking!!
I hope she will be OK.
Tghat is going to be a huge change for you both - selling houses and moving in together but I am sure it will give you all more peace of mind!

Lauren said...

poor poor nana... :(

Em said...

that happened to my grandma last year. she laid on the ground for two hours until my uncle stopped by to give her the mail. it was so sad:( she makes jokes about it now, but declared it was one of her most frightening moments:(

Momza said...

That same thing happened to a sister in our ward last month. She described how she had to drag her self to her purse that was on the floor in another room, praying all the way that she'd make it. It was a very distressful situation. I'm so glad your mom was able to cover herself for the night until you could get to her!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

oh Lisa I am sorry to hear about your mom..I am glad you weren't too far away..I do hope you can get both houses sold quickly..:)

Kendra said...

so sad to hear about your mom but good thing it wasn't anything more serious!

read your comment on my mom's blog. [lesa] :)