Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Making a tree skirt

A get together with family ALWAYS entails making something. Lauren wanted to make this tree skirt she found on Pinterest, (from Miss Mustardseed)
Here are our directions:
For this 'natural' tree skirt you will need 6yards of muslin. one small painters cloth.
(I don't use burlap, it stinks)
Fold the painters cloth in half, and then half again.  Mine measured 24inches at the smallest edge ... using a yard stick measure from the center point 24inches making a half circle and cut off the bottom so when unfolded it is a full circle.  THEN cut out a small circle at the center.  You will then cut along one of the folded lines, just one (this is so you can place it around the tree, and the center circle you cut out goes around the trunk)
I cut 3inch strips... 6 yards long.  (the green you see is for the next tree skirt we are making).
I gathered them.  You don't have to gather them, but I find that it makes it more even.  I hand gathered (basically a large basting strip) each 6 yard long strip (while sitting in the Arizona sun!)  Again you don't have to gather it, you can just ruffle it by hand as you glue it on.  This are some gathered strips waiting to be glued:
You will then hot glue the slightly gathered strip along the bottom of the whole tree skirt.
(no problem if you need to piece more to fit the whole circle.) For the rest of the tree skirt, you will measure from the center hole down... every 2 1/2 inches or so. Marking it with a pen... THAT is where you will glue the next row.
Here's Lauren hard at work gluing the next row.
and two days later, I mean... a while later here are all the rows gathered and glued on!
The next tree skirt will be two rows of natural, and two rows of green!!
ALLLLL ready for the tree! or her MIL's tree... I wonder which one will she choose
(or the better question to ask... when will the green one be done!!)

6 Wonderful People Who Commented:

Marydon said...

Thisis so pretty! Love the idea & I could actually do this. Scary.

Have a beautiful week.

PS Don't forget our GIVEAWAY

Sue said...

This is a seriously cute idea. It's a fun look!


Cherie said...

Very cute - I love all the ruffles!

Lauren said...

At this rate, it will be done by NEXT christmas!!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

I love it, I wanted to do that this year, but just did not get to it...now I wish i had taken the time!! I even found a round table cloth I was going to use as the backing,,,All I have now is the round table cloth LOL! Thank you sooo much for entering my giveaway, good luck!


Julia said...

This is a very feminine tree skirt.. I might even wear it after Christmas Tree is done with it. He,he. JB