Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I have blog-itis

I cannot stay off of the internet-blogging-network.

I think about it all day long. I can’t wait till I go home, Yesterday was TORTURE. I had to work, right after work at 4:30 I had to take my mother grocery shopping. I left her at safeway and went to the post office, drove back to Safeway, called 2 friends (not in), read the rest of a magazine, went in to find her.. and she wasn’t quite done. So after an hour and a half I finally got her home and groceries packed in… I had to run to the VT appointment, and then to another VT appointment… and then home, make dinner, lunch, clean kitchen, FINALLY.. at 9pm I logged onto that big box of information-overload time-waster upstairs and started my stroll thru Blog-ville.

I read all my fav’s, I looked at their fav’s and their fav’s being careful to keep the good ones… finally I had too many blogs minimized and my computer CRASHED

Sigh, now I’ll have to start all over again. And it ended up to be 10:45…. (for those of you who know me know I can not, no matter what stay up after 10pm).
I love the crafty people.
The talented people.
The funny people.
The Spiritual people with stories galore.
The beautiful people and their families.
The witty writers
The informational tutorials
The contests that I have NO IDEA how to enter!!! (sad but true)
And all the buttons on the side panel that I want to have on my side panel but have no ideal on how to add them…..
..and frankly who has time to add buttons when I’m going from blog to blog finding more and more people I want to know and have hang out with and over to dinner.

Actually this doesn’t sound like Blog-itis. it sounds like Blog-a-holic. Oh no (dramatic background music)
Hi I’m Lisa and I’m a Blogaholic,

…and I’m not about to recover because it’s just too much fun and I am learning so much, I don’t have any time to make what I’ve learned though or cook or take pictures or read the recommended books or listen to the recommended music (or I should say research how to “get” the recommended music) HEY I’m still learning how to upload pics to my blos.. let alone put pics on the side panel or links on the side panel (yeah, guess you could say that is really stressing me out).

I need Lauren to visit and just do it for me, that would solve all the problems.

3 Wonderful People Who Commented:

The McEwans said...

Hey this is Megan! Cute blog! I'm a blog-a-holic too and Brian makes fun of me. You need to use Google Reader! makes life a lot easier :)
my blog is

and mostly it's about Claire :)

Winder Love said...

You are too cute Lisa.

carmen said...

This is sooooo cute and soooooo funny. I think I'm a little bit like you, but I'm more addicted to Facebook. Face"hooked" as my husband calls it - and he says I'm a facebook JUNKIE! I do like reading other people's blogs, though, and find out what they are up to!