Sunday, March 22, 2009

Monday Moan-in'

note: Iam trying to be more organized with the bloggidy... and because Friday Food Fun is so....well you know - - fun, I've added Monday Moan-in' and Wednesday Wisdom.

Welcome to Monday Moan-in' because ya deserve one day to moan about something!

Today it is about weight. We (my handsome husband) and I have been trying to diet for 4 weeks. Trying very hard. We pretty much stick to a South Beach way of life, with Isagenix shakes thrown in for Breakfast.

The first two weeks were ok. Slow and steady wins the race. But for the last two weeks I have not lost an ounce, let alone a pound. I am eatting less, and walking a little (too cold outside so i have a tape I walk a mile to)

Have I mentioned NOT AN OUNCE....... for two weeks.. and all the stores have Easter Candy, little fluffy peeps, and m&m's in all shapes and sizes! PASTEL PEANUT, yum yum

- - - - - - -MOANNNN & GROANNNNN This is seriously hard to take.

well there is the voice in my head ... ..... ..... suck it up ...... and get on with it. (that is my bosses voice actually -because he says this daily)


not an pound, not an ounce

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em said...

ugh, that is so frustrating!!! i hate when you're working so hard for something and not getting results, boo! i used to drink those isagenix shakes every morning for breakfast, mmmmm, so good. i loved the chocolate one.
problem solving for today?
are you incorporating any sort of resistance training? lifting weights is CRUCIAL for women and weight loss. on lifting weights, no losing weight;-) i know, i know, i used to hate the weights too, but when i used to work out i did 30 min. of weights on the circuit machines at the gym and saw results in two weeks. i was feeling stronger too. it felt awesome!

carmen said...

Ok, so Erik and I also have been trying to eat better and work out often. Of course you know that sometimes you hit plateaus, but you just keep at it. Here are a couple of things I've learned in the last month and a half, as I have also been discouraged:
most people quit working out after about 3-4 weeks, because they don't see a significant difference. That's because, as you begin working out, your muscle fiber gets damaged (that's why you're sore) and it needs to repair itself. Your body will retain water to help repair the tissue, and that's why sometimes it seems like you are staying the same, or even (MOAN) gaining a few pounds, but if you keep at it, you will eventually see the pounds come off. Erik and I are doing Chalene Extreme. It's a weight training/muscle endurance/cardio and yoga 90 day workout complete with diet. I have to admit that I'm not very good at the diet part, but I love the workouts. She has a 60 year old woman on her videos whose body I would totally love to have right now - she doesn't use weights, instead she uses the tubing for resistance. Same benefits and results. Anyway, I'm rambling on and on. Good luck to you, and If you'd like to check out Chalene Johnson's or Tony Horton's blogs, there are links on my blog. :o)

carmen said...

Here's a little snack for you to try: cut up apples, (I use a mix of green and red) cut up chicken breast, chopped walnuts, dried cranberries: mix 'em all together in a large bowl with plain, lowfat yogurt. I don't know a lot about the south beach diet, but this is a high protein, low fat, low carb receipe that I got from Chalene Johnson. I keep it in the fridge and it's great to grab as a snack between meals. (you should try to eat at least a little snack every 2-3 hours to keep your metabolism going) I get so busy that it's hard for me to remember to do this, sometimes!! You could pack some to take to work. :o) YUMMY!

Lisa said...

WONDERFUL, love the comments (ohh the pain of working out)... and snack ideas.. I will try tomorrow!(only have to get some apples) and it is perfect for our South Beach diet. yum