Saturday, November 28, 2009

my obsession

I am obsessed with Old Glass Christmas ornamentsThis is one of the ways I use them. I have been collecting pictures of ornament wreaths for YEARS! I noticed up here that all the senior citizens are "downsizing" and getting rid of all their old ornaments. So happily I buy them.
I have quite a collection.
I pull the silver hang tags off of them and glue them to a greenery wreath.
I love the SHINNY ones.
then after they are all glued and no sparse areas or holes, I quickly "blow dry" them so all the hot glue hairs are melted.
I have recently begun to use the ornaments with flocked prints on them. They look cool too.

This one was made using a hanger, something I saw on a blog here at Eddie Ross. I LOVE THE PINK AND SILVER. actually I have about 6 boxes of silver and pink to use to make a REALLY LARGE heart wreath for Valentines day. I think I finally have enough pink to finally make it!
This is a Really Large wreath (about 40 inches round) That I am still working on. Hopefully I will be done in a couple of days and put it over the fireplace.

5 Wonderful People Who Commented:

Sue said...

Oh my gosh. I LOVE those. Have you ever considered making them to sell? Because I would buy one in a second!! (And I bet I'm not alone.)


Em said...

hello festive! i want that pink one. i love all of the different sizes. very impressed with your supply on stock. you're your very own store!

Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

Hi Lisa,

FABULOUS! You are one very talented and clever lady! Your wreaths are fantastic and the pink one is screaming my name! I'm with Sue, you should sell these sweet friend, your work is stunning!!

Love and hugs,

carmen said...

GORGEOUS! And your photographs are lovely, too! I remembered that you make these fun wreaths, and I think I have some ornaments for you, although, I don't know if mine are as pretty as yours. I'm with Sue - I think you should sell them. Every year during Apple Cup weekend, Great Wolf Elementary holds a Christmas Bazaar - it would be the perfect place for your beautiful wreaths! I'm sure there are other venues, as well, I'm just familiar with this one. They have quite a few vendors and get a pretty good turn out every year.

Lauren said...

can't wait for mine in the mail!
i'm praying it doesn't break.
i NEED it on my front door, pronto.