Saturday, November 21, 2009

My Turkey Tutorial

I now have a gaggle of Turkeys
A package of Oreos made 18. Here's what you need:
Reese's, Malt Balls, Candy corn ( I used carmel candy corn-brown- frosting in a bottle, Chocolate chips
For ease, I used frosting in a bottle and put just a little in the top of the oreo to stick the candy corn in.
Here's my counter top.
Melt the chocolate chips and put a dab on the bottom of the Reese's pieces and malt Ball and stick it on the cookie. Better to let it harden this way (gravity helps)
Then you want a big dab of the melted chocolate chip on the bottom of the Reese's and stick the whole top on the cookie.
Now lets talk about the "face" You can use the white tip of a candy corn for the beak. (I didn't have enough so for the rest I just put frosting.) Then you can use a toothpick and put on eyes.
So here are the 3 ways they turned out:
1. Frosting for beak and eyes
2. Candy Corn tip for beak and no eyes
3. And.. oh yea, another Candy Corn tip for beak and no eyes.
* I like the eyes*
yep, made 18 of them and only have 2 more people for dinner, great WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH 14 Turkeys?

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Sue said...

Eat 'em!


PS. I am actually going to make these. They are cute!