Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday Moaning-(Lauren don't look)- Little Car Carrier

Since we've had the house on the market, let me tell you how frustrating it is to 'create'.  You have to find where you put everything, and then lay it all out... and...if it is at night you have to put it ALL away before the next day...because you never know if someone is coming to see the house. 

This was such a easy sew.. but it took me three nights of getting things out and and then putting them neatly away... and finding all the necessary items, that I knew I had...

but I digress, *MOANING OVER*

This was such fun to make!
If you can believe it, my little grandson, (ha ha and I use little in a figurative way)
(come on how can you say no to that face)
He will be turning 2 in a couple of weeks.  His name is CARson... and cars are always a big theme in his life.
Here is a car carrier for him. 
I got the pattern and instructions from here:

I hope he has fun with this....
maybe I'll tackle a (traveling-roll-up) street road map next.
If I can find the rest of my fabric!

8 Wonderful People Who Commented:

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

That's perfect and a little street road map is a great idea for the next project!

regan said...

That little car carrier is awesome....he's gonna love it!

I remember selling our house in CA.....our realtor had these little signs pointing to features in the house.....EVERYWHERE! There were nearly 50 of them! So every morning, after dusting and vacuuming, I had to go around the house and put all the little signs out....just so! Most I could leave out, but each bed had several on it, and the bathrooms several, etc. Sheesh! But it was worth it....sold in a month!

Keeping my fingers crossed for a fast sell for you! :o)

Lauren said...

LAuren dont look = Lauren! LOOK! NOW!! lol
VERY cute he will LOVE it.
He just the past two weeks is into moving his cars around (Especially the tonka truck from papa) and saying "Vroom vvvvroommmmmm" and pushing them all around and off every high surface he can find. It really is just the cutest thing.

Sue said...

VERY cute car carrier! (Both the one made of material and your grandson...)


Em said...

that is the COOLEST thing!!!

Dr. Kathy McCoy said...

What great creative ideas you have for your darling little Carson!

Blessings from Cindy said...

Now that is an awesome idea for a little boy! I love it! I'll bet he does too! What a cutie!!!

Joanna Jenkins said...

OMGosh! What a fun and fabulously idea for your grandson! I love it.

I know what you mean-- Sewing is so much easier when you can keep things out until the project is complete.

Hang in there. jj