Tuesday, January 3, 2012

This is it.... come buy me!

It has been a busy busy time.
paint paint - pack pack - primp primp

We now have not one but TWO houses for sale.
yes... in this market
bad*bad*bad I know, but what can you do, when it's time it's time!
After my mothers fall last month... where she laid on the floor OVERNIGHT... COLD and hurt....I knew that drastic changes were needed.
We have two houses for sale (both at big losses) so we can buy one house to all live together so I can hear her when she falls and needs me. (the guilt is still there).
Next week we have the home stager coming to make recommendations.
The week after we have a friend coming over to take some great photos!!
This is the year of change.

7 Wonderful People Who Commented:

Sue said...

Definitely a cute house! Hope it sells (and the other one, too) sooner than later...


Marydon said...

Best wishes for your Mother, you & the sale of the houses.
Have a beautiful day ~

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I wish you luck in selling..:)

Cherie said...

That is such a pretty house and pretty landscaping. I am hoping you are able to sell both houses in a snap!!
Change is hard enough without the real estate headache.
You're in my prayers!!

Em said...

Best of luck!

regan said...

Your house looks so pretty! Love the garden and rockery walkway! Sweet! I don't think you'll have any problem finding a buyer! But big wishes for luck, just in case!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Ah honey I wish you did not still feel guilt over the accident but I understand.
I will pray that both houses sell and quickly. This is a cute house. Not to discourage you but I have lowered my house to almost giving it away and I still have no bites. But the rumor is real estate should be coming back in a month or two I hope their right for both our sakes.
Good luck
Love ya