Tuesday, January 10, 2012

More on my mother--

For those of you who have asked, my mother is doing fine.
Here she is at Christmas making her gravy: 
The fall last month did nothing but give her a few aches and pains (well first of all it gave her a fright, and an uncomfortable night on the floor and a road rash on her elbow crawling to the cabinet to drag out some blankets to throw over her as she spent the night on the floor!) But she is fine and even more careful than before. Yes, she still lives alone in her house, and no she doesn’t use her walker.

It is going to be quite the test to 1. sell our houses 2. move (meaning finding a house that the three of us can live in together and agree on!!!) and then the daunting task of packing up the stuff and moving. And 3. decorating!!!
Ahhhh who gets to put their stuff where. I mean I do NOT like her couches one single bit:
… but she loves them, why is that… ah yes because they are blue!! (but from the 80’s… at least we took away her 1962 BLUE AND GREEN couch… let me see if I can scan an old picture to show you the color of that…
that's uncle Jess... and look who this is... baby JB...
Baby JB turned 31 last week!!!  and this couch was pretty old when he was a baby!  ( I always say that that couch would have won top honors in the Ugliest Couch Contest!)

So yes, I like to decorate as to the kind of house it is; our Half Moon Bay house was a white and brick two story, rather like a farm house with knotty pine cabinets. I certainly didn’t decorate it with modern furniture. Our house here in WA is/was a new house, for our new marriage! …it has a more modern feel (with a few antiques thrown in) (cough, garage sale antiques

I really can’t imagine using these couches in my decorating scheme!
This move may prove harder than I anticipated.

5 Wonderful People Who Commented:

Momza said...

If your couches are in good condition, you might consider having them recovered in an updated fabric. Blue is a great color right now--the Parade home our designer just did was in the blue and green palettes. Choose things you love and you can't go wrong.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Too bad my home in town is not where you are it is prefect for what you need.
Your mom could have one part and you and sweet hubby the rest.
I know there is the prefect house out there for you and I am sending good thoughts to you today that your going to find it and soon.
Wanted to remind you that your gift certificate end on the 12 of Feb so don't forget to get you something pretty.
wish I lived close enough to help you

Sue said...

You are a good daughter! And I like Momza's idea. (She's so good at all this stuff.)


Bettyann said...

slipcovers are a great idea...the shape is there with a fab new colour that you both can live with....

Cherie said...

Glad your mom is doing well.
I think anytime you do something this big it takes alot of compromise. There are certain things older people just don't want to give up.
Hopefully you will find a house that has a section for her and a section for you and your husband and then you can each decorate how you like.