Thursday, January 19, 2012

White Knuckle Driving

I have been cautiously and carefully driving to work these past two days.
Both mornings the snow has been coming down in heavy sheets.  I almost prefer that because NOW comes the freezing temps and the ICE.
  hey I'm from San Francisco, it does not snow there.
Here's the story in pictures:
Let me just say:
I learned to ski (in 1982)-Alpine Meadows.
I went to college in Utah WITHOUT a winter coat or boots.
I lived in Iceland for 3 years (I had lots of boots there).
We tried to take the girls to the snow every year so they could learn to ski.(92-02)
I try to like the snow, but I just really hate to drive in the slippery mess
the end.
wish me luck today... frozen snow at 28degrees.

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Momza said...


Sue said...


And I didn't have a proper coat when I went to U of Utah either. And no boots until I was a junior.


regan said...

We had below zero temps last week, so yesterday's 15 was like a heat wave! I hate driving in it, too, but I just love the look of freshly fallen snow! And seeing animal tracks going through it! Love that!

Julia said...

I hope that you have winter tires on as opposed to all season tires for safer driving in winter. Winter tires have 130 to 150% more traction than all seasons tires.
I not so much hate the snow but hate slippery road and paths to the barn. I don't like the extreme cold.

Here the temperature has been fluctuating so much and it's hard to get used to the winter. Stay safe and warm. JB

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

your boss should be shot..period..hubby is home again today..everything is shut down except for your work..I grew up in it living in Utah..but they know how to take care of the roads..I don't miss it used to scare me back then too.;) I pray you get home safely today.;)

Cherie said...

Hey I've skiied at Alpine Meadows!
Of course, I grew up in San Jose and I lived in Tahoe for a year. We are from the same place :-D
I hope you are safe and sound. I hate driving in the slush and on ice the worst!! You guys really got hit - Ugh!! I'll send Depp over :-D

Blessings from Cindy said...

Ugh! I feel your pain! I don't miss living in Central Oregon's snow, although they haven't had much this year. We have flooding here. Stay safe!

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

I just love snow, but the driving in it is terrible! Stay safe!

Em said...

i am not a fan of driving in the snow, but i love to watch it when i'm sitting in my house:) i was a lot more brave about it when i had my jeep, but with the van i am more cautious now. i don't feel like it's going to do a good enough job even though the dealer swears by the traction control. i'm just not sold it's as good. so we make excuses to stay home:)

Marydon said...

White' with envy, sweetie. Send it my way ... missing it terribly this year.

Have a beautiful weekend ~

Dr. Kathy McCoy said...

Oh, does that bring back memories: first the snow and then the ice! Yikes! I'm from L.A. but went to college and grad school at Northwestern -- which sits right on Lake Michigan just north of Chicago. OMG!! What memories! I liked the novelty of 4 seasons, but was always grateful I didn't have to drive in it. Hope it defrosts soon. My sister, who lives in Renton, WA sent me some great pix of her home surrounded by snow, too. I was wistful for about a minute. Then grateful for the relative warmth of Arizona! Come on down!