Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Kieri

Kieri is the baby of the family... but at 23 hardly a baby. Kieri is the most easy going person ever. 2yrs younger than her sister. They have always been very close.
goofy girls- they entertained each other - (who am I kidding, they still do!!!)
Always the little performer- mugging for the camera. She is content playing by herself as well as with others! She loved all the little little things... miniature animals- littlest pet shop. She would make "displays" in her room for the holidays with her little miniatures! And one day dreamed of designing the CANDY window display in the Salt Lake store ZCMI.
Then of course always dressing up and putting on a show!
Halloween was special in our house with costumes ideas and general showing off to get candy. And it's not that she would eat the candy... no no, she had a box in her room that she would just "keep" the candy (I don't know what for... a rainy day????)
Then came Jr High and High School and more dressing up! ok lets face it folks, Kieri was my doll that I could make things for!!! although she did design this flame Prom dress.
and then there are the musicals, I only inserted a few pictures, but Kieri does sing like a bird! And has anyone else noticed how she looks like her Aunt Louisa.
For her Senior Musical (Pajama Game) she wore her Nana's wedding dress (from 1950)
and dance... ah, not so much, although here she is in her Bob Fosse Dance outfit! Two things she does not possess, good balance and good navigational skills.
We all love Kieri. Her glow is infectious. She is the most easy going, unjudgemental, fun, crazyyyy (did I mention the time she went to school in bubble wrap and duct tape?) beautiful, talented (keep up that singing you crazy kid) Person EVER. I am bless to have you as my daughter. We love you Kieri!!!
Kieri & Russell at Lauren's wedding.

4 Wonderful People Who Commented:

Sue said...

I'm always a sucker for the birthday posts!

LOVED this, captions, lovely sentiments, and all

Happy birthday, Kieri!


carmen said...

You always make the most lovely tributes on your blog - it's a talent that you have! (Another one!!) Your daughter is lovely, and truthfully, I thought she looked like your sister even before you mentioned it. She's lovely, and I'm glad to know her a little bit better. Happy Birthday, Kieri!!

Lauren said...

I do love my sister... and that flame dress (so cool!)

dyermaker14 said...

Thank you mom. I love you.