Sunday, June 21, 2009

my dad

I would be remiss if I didn't write a little something about my dad today. My dad was my daddy, my bestest friend. I honestly remember thinking (for a very long time) that he had made a BIG mistake and shouldn't have married my mother but should have married me! We are both very much alike. He always honestly complimented me. He didn't tell me I was the prettiest one there, he said I had a glow about me, or that I really stood out because I was such a gifted actress or I looked the most professional. He was a photographer and I loved joining and helping him taking pictures of weddings etc. Although since he was always taking pictures.. we don't have many of him.

It is very painful thinking of him. He died in 1988 at the young age of 62. It was devastating for our family. He was EVERYONE's friend. He was a People person. He was eccentric and loved being eccentric. He couldn't get names straight.. Larry, Gary, Terry, Barry. He played the trumpet in all sorts of bands for his entire life, even up to the day he died. When he would make my sister's lunch he would include a little something extra... like a screw driver or stapler for her to carry around the rest of the day. When he died, my mother was crushed and believed that no one would ever visit her again because he was the reason they came over.
Yep ..... still painful. The grandkids missed out on not knowing him and having someone to count on for extra support.
This is the last picture taken in March of 1988 when we came home from Iceland for a week visit. He died July 29th.

ok on a happier note. here's my cute husband with the twins at brunch today:
they are 3 peas in a pod!!

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Sue said...

What a great post about your dad. I loved reading it. And you've got three pretty cute guys there, too!