Monday, April 19, 2010

Road Trip

We were off on a road trip to see Grandma Katherine with the broken ankle (small bone) She had been moved to the Rehab place across the street from the Hospital in Centralia. When we left the clouds were a bit ominous to the West and we didn't know what to expect..
as we left Sequim it was a beautiful morning
One side of the Hoods Canal Bridge was a little gray
The other side was even worse
But all our fears were unfounded because when we got to Centralia (3 hours later) it was a beautiful 73degree day. Warm and muggy! I didn't take my camera in with me because I didn't want to be tempted to take a picture.. I mean if I had been in the hospital for a week, I wouldn't want a picture of me either. Katherine looked good and except for a bit sleepy was kind and loving and appreciative of all her visitors (even the cat they have in the center that makes his rounds to the beds of all the patients). She is still frail and weak, but getting her rest and care and after her ankle heals... well we shall see....
It was a great visit with another sister and brother and after about 3 hours... we headed home.
A long day.

The Olympic Mountains
quaint farm
now how'd that get in here
and back up the Hoods Canal..
water everywhere
and more water
and still looking at water
water water everywhere
yep, you guessed it more water... and silly towns named Duckabush,Hamma Hamma, Dosiewallop and Lillywop...and just as I was about to take more pictures this is what we saw...
ummm yeah, guess going 58 in a 40zone is frowned upon
luckily we were honest lookin' folks and he gave us a warning... Oh yeah and a stern talking to because I HAD NOT UPDATED OUR INSURANCE CARD IN THE CAR SINCE LAST JULY... oops, my bad... I told him it was my fault and he said I owed my husband a steak dinner.
After he left, I said I really owed the sheriff a steak dinner for not giving us a ticket. What a day!

7 Wonderful People Who Commented:

Cherie said...

Wow! That cop must have been having a GOOD day! You got off with a warning going that fast....amazing. We are never that lucky - we must look like Hombres!! Ha Ha

Looks like a great day - I love that part of the country with all the water :D

Sue said...

I love the funny names of those towns...And I got a kick out of seeing you framed in the rear view mirror. Isn't it funny to take a trip with a camera in hand, capturing scenery out the windows? The life of a blogger is a strange thing...


carmen said...

I love your photos, Lisa. Glad you got to do a little road trip, whatever the reason. Glad you got off with just a warning! LUCKY GIRL!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

love the photos you took..and glad you didn't get a ticket..:) have a great is starting our pretty nice..yesterday was glorious..:)what are you doing this friday? I go to this wonderful place on bainbridge island, called "the christmas house" she has wonderful things for sale and she does this every year and again in July when it is a craft/garage sale thing..I participate in that one..and then she is open again right after thanksgiving till christmas..on fridays, saturdays and sundays..10-4pm..we are hitting her spring sale this friday...if you want to meet up..just let me know..:) they travel all over the united states and hit their favorite haunts and then bring it back for us...she also makes handmade items too..this time it is outside I christmas you get to go inside to view her home and rooms filled with treasures.:)

Kissed by an Angel said...

How beautiful it is where you live! I hope Grandma Kathryn is feeling better!!!

Suzanne said...

Those photos are gorgeous. I hope your grandma is better!

Mumsy said...

Very nice pictures. I love your blog and have become a follower.