Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A visit from Long Time Family Friends

Ya know how families have best friend families... where the parents love to hang out with the other parents and bring the kids along... well that was the Gillespie family. My mom and Dad, Jim and Mary Louise, hung out with Alice and JB. They had 2 kids Jimmy and Susie. Susie was 4 years older than me.. and I always thought she was WAY cool! In this picture (circa 1970) Susie was a Senior in High School and going to Europe with Show Troupe. There's my dad (never without his camera.. and a rare photo of my dad since he was always taking the pictures) my mom, Louisa and me.
fast forward 40 years.... (wow)...
She got remarried a month after we did. Kind of starting out our new lives together. She then lost her mother (well she didn't lose her, Her mother died) and now my mom has kind of become more than an "aunt" and more like a mother figure in her life. SO...
She hasn't see her (or us) in 4 years and she talked her husband into taking a quick weekend trip up to WA (from Calif to Seattle). They saw a friend in Seattle on Friday and drove out from Seattle to lil' ole Sequim on Saturday. We had a fun time showing them the town!

Here's my mom!!!(ok she didn't know I took this picture... (sneaky!)
We took them out to 3 Crabs Road (you know where the Dungeness Crabs come from)
me and the man!!!
Susie and her man!
It was a short visit... but after coming so far it was a fun and crazy story telling trip!!! It was great... and my mom is STILL recovering! It was pretty exciting for her.. you know... a VISITOR from the old country (California)
Thanks for coming all this way Susie and Barry!

(sorry about all the ........ yep, kinda overdid!)

4 Wonderful People Who Commented:

Cherie said...

That is so cool! Visits from old friends are priceless. Comparing then and now just plain fun - I love the old picture and look how neat your Dads old camera is!
"the Old Country...California" HA Ha you crack me up!

Have a great day!

Sue said...

Your mom is so cute. She looks full of life and joy. I can see why your friend loves to spend time with her.


Kiurious said...

I like Nana's new teeth, she sure is smileing big in that picture :)

Lauren said...

you are taking.......... from me!! :) that's what i do...
there i go again!
Nana looks like a happy old lady (good thing she doesn't go online or i wouldnt/couldnt have called her an old lady).
and you look cute too! you silly.