Sunday, April 11, 2010

the best time - the worst time

This weekend had it all.
Saturday was a beautiful day, NO RAIN. It started out a little chili, but turned into a beautifully warm day. I hit a couple of garage sales:
I got this beautiful white punch bowl for a dollar!
Got these great shoes for Kieri
And a boxwood in a great pot.
Then I drove to beautiful Port Townsend and checked out their GW (goodwill) but was so upset that they were charging outrageous prices for junk.
I could get this candlestick for about a quarter at a garage sale (remember.. I make these) and the GW had several of them for .... $1.99 each!!! Outrageous
I also found a GREAT place, Habitat for Humanity. Oh The ANTIQUES they had here. BEAUTIFUL but way.. out of my budget. They had a lot of other things... better than GW but at expensive garage sale prices.
So i just bought a unique (funky) bunch of flowers.
Then drove home, worked in the yard and re-potted a bunch of plants.

THEN... on Sunday, Mr. Produce's mom fell and broke her ankle. She is VERY frail and hasn't been doing well. She is just 3months shy of turning 90. She is a tiny frail little thing. She has congestive heart failure and hasn't 'really' gotten over her bronchitis from last fall. We just drove down to Onalaska last Sunday and brought my mom to visit/meet her. She is now in the hospital and in A LOT OF PAIN. We love you Grandma Katherine!

7 Wonderful People Who Commented:

Kissed by an Angel said...

I do hope Greandma Kathryn is feeling better soon!!

The McEwans said...

Oh I hope she gets better soon.

Anything Fits a Naked Man said...

Poor Grandma Kathryn! Hope she's much better soon! That gorgeous bowl was only a DOLLAR??!!! Sweet!!

Sue said...

Oh, I'm sorry that she's having such a hard time and hope things look up for her soon.


blueviolet said...

I I just saw those shoes in a google search! LOL

I hope Grandma K fights back quickly!


You have such a gorgeous porch! Love the pink tulips. You got some real deals.The pink shoes are divine!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

So sorry to hear about your Grandma Katherine I do hope she recovers soon and I hate she is in pain.
Love you a dollar for that beautiful bowl...there are still some bargains out there but you have to lucky to find them.
Hope you have a great week