Monday, March 15, 2010

a quick, sweet, (thrifty) Gift for Someone Special

So you know someone that is having a birthday. They aren't really a BIG gift person.. but you'd like to show your appreciation (I'm thinking co-worker, VT person, teacher, neighbor etc).
Find little glass plates. Find short glass candle sticks or even glass cups or bowls. They can be hiding around your house in the back of a cupboard... china closet... even an old box of glass stuff you never unpacked. You can also do it the easy way like I did, and find them at a garage sale for a quarter.
Mix and Match
set them on top of each other, upside down etc.
Try them out to see what looks best
Ah, that's a nice touch.
Using E6000 glue, run a bead around the 'base' . Glue it to the top. Let it sit for a day.

You then have a pretty showcase for a fun cupcake or muffin or tower of cookies.
again, taking the easy way out, I bought cupcakes. (would have looked better with a large Costco muffin!)
Although this is a nice small glass and the cupcake looks nice.
But I went with the round plate and put 3 cupcakes! and, um YES that cellophane has hearts on it. (it's all I had.. and after it is ripped off, no one will notice! I hope!)

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Cherie said...

Wow! You are a genious to put the plates onto short glass candlesticks. They looks so pretty and elegant I am sure that anyone would love to receive just that! A cupcake on the top just puts it over the top.

I could even see myself collecting these just to display. They are so pretty.

Sue said...

Another great idea, and this one is so easy. But so cute!


De Hutch said...

Boy do i miss you!! I remember going by your house and could tell the season by just the little touches outside :-D

carmen said...


Suzanne said...

Love your idea. I've seen a lot of these made, but I love the application with your idea!