Monday, March 29, 2010

Craft-o-Mania Day 5

Easter Banner Day
I have wanted a banner for some time... but .. of course been putting it off. So with trying to get ALL my Easter crafts done in one weekend....
I went for a square banner.
I bought a pkg of precut charms in some great SpringTime colors.I found a font I liked (with round edges) and blew it up to about 400% and printed them out.
Besides the precut 'charms', you will need a square of felt for the back, and a felt piece to match the lettering. Layer the Square felt, 'charm' , felt scrap and paper letter.
sew around the edge of the letter
tear away the paper
cut off the excess scrap felt fabric
carefully cutting the 'innards'
another picture of tearing the paper
using your zig zag scissors cut the felt backing evenly (no picture-sorry)
sew all the pieces in order with seam binding.... and....
Viola... you have a snazzy Easter Banner
Isn't it lovely?
And do you like my Mother Bunny??? I made her MANY years ago... I just love all her little bunnies in her pockets!!!
ah, brings back fond memories... using this to decorate year after year.

2 Wonderful People Who Commented:

Cherie said...

I love your banner! Banners are so in style right now - I have been seeing them all over - You are in the groove (wink!).

Your mama bunny is adorable. I made one similar to this many years ago - and when I say many I mean like 20 and I still think these are so darling!

Sue said...

I soooo love the baby bunnies in her pockets! And the banner is cool, too.