Saturday, March 13, 2010

Look What I'm Making

For some reason I've been stuck on making flowers lately.
This is my first pattern and 'style' I have been working on.
There are many tutorials around here, This is the one I found most useful.

You cut out graduated circles of satin, or organza or netting or any light weight synthetic materials. MANY circles, big and medium and small, and extra small
Then you singe the edges. Each color and type of fabric burns differently. THAT'S the cool part of this project, nothing ever comes out exact!!!
You use a candle (with a high enough flame) and just pass the edges around the flame, just barely to singe the edge being careful not to set the whole circle on fire....... tricky but for the pyromaniac in you...... a real thrill!!!

You set the different circles on top of one another ... and sometimes even mixing fabrics.
Tack it in the middle using various beads or buttons or even bits of yarn and you have beautiful flowers.
OH and I forgot to take a picture of this... after you tack all the circles together, and sew (or glue) on the buttons or beads, -----you cut a little circle of felt to glue on the back of the flower for a little bit of added weight. AND V-I-O-L-A
Pretty Flowers for pins, or headbands, or decorations, or gift toppers ... or ANYTHING else creative you can come up with!!!
This blue fabric is beautiful but... just a little too heavy to 'burn/singe' just right!So the black netting helps to even the weight.
On the green ones, I used a light weight acetate circle with green organza circles
The center of this one is an old earing!
These purple ones curled up the nicest... You just have to play with the scraps of fabric to see how they burn~ burn baby burn

You can put the flower (glue it on) and give it to your FAVORITE VT companion of all time- for her birthday (happy birthday Megan!) so she and her little girl can be twins!

6 Wonderful People Who Commented:

Sue said...

I just love these. They have such an interesting, delicate look to them.


The McEwans said...

Everything was sooo cute! Thank you so much!

Suzanne said...

Your flowers turned out darling. I made a few today too!

Lauren said...

very cute!

kieri said...

They are very cute, and you can do a lot with them. Like an accent to a decorative pillow, or put on a pin or make a gift bow.

Cherie said...

I would never have known how to make these. They sure are the craze right now - there are so many things you can do with these pretty flowers!