Saturday, March 6, 2010

look what I made

I've written before about my love with a new 're purposed' store in town. I bought these (kitchen cabinet drawer fronts...) beauties for a dollar a piece.....

I painted, slapped on some glitter letters, and ......
Lookie what I made!

5 Wonderful People Who Commented:

Sue said...

Really cute...and I like the butterfly, too! You are both resourceful and creative.


Lauren said...

very cute! those letters were pricey, but they sure look good!

Cherie said...

Hello - I clicked on your blog from a friends blog (love the picture!) and immediately found someone who I have something in common with - this is why I love blogging!
I too am a California girl now living in Idaho - Quite a change living in the NW but fun too. I also love Washington and Oregon as we have visited on vacations. Your header picture is So pretty!
I love your crafty spring signs - they are darling and the drawer fronts were a steal at $1 a piece - Good job!
Have a Happy Sabbath!


Suzanne said...

Really cute sign -- just love it! Love your blog. Your recipes look awesome and that grandbaby of yours is absolutely adorable. It's so hard to be away from those little ones.
- Suzanne

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

This turned out really pretty.
I have been wanting to send you a thank you card for my book...I find myself looking at it all the time.
Hope your doing well
Are you going to do a story for me on my new project I have going on my site...let me know if your interested