Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Blogville- not martha

This is a trip down memory lane for me. This is the first blog I ever ran across. I was hunting for some costumes I was designing... (there was not a costume one found here!!! don't know how it turned up on the search engine).. but I digress. It was 2003 and I found this funky blog written by a young gal named Megan in Palo Alto. I recognized so many of the things she was talking about locally....
And she was always bringing up good articles to read and interesting information and finding sites that answered questions that you've always had...... anyway She moved to Seattle.... and Here I am too... and she is STILL young and funky and can always steer you toward interesting things.
She loves Halloween.
I don't follow her, but check her out every once and a while.
right now she is in Paris, oh lalaShe's also won awards with her blog.
Have I mentioned that she is young and sometimes pretty funky.

And she knits!

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Sue said...

She sounds like a pretty interesting character!