Sunday, October 17, 2010

The best cookies in the world, and I won them!

last month I won a Cookie Giveaway from The Pink Pistachio Here (check out her pictures of the cookies she made for a baby boy shower) BEAUTIFUL
They came just in time and they are just THE most beautiful cookies ever!
Here's the little mama to be with them:
They were a BIG hit
Again Missy over at Pink Pistachio is Such a great lady... she really wanted them to be special, so she talked about the color scheme and if it was a boy or girl (no one knows, it's a surprise)
and have I mentioned YUMMMMMMMMMMY
Like a buttery shortbread with just a hint of white chocolate....
So I am now a big BIG fan of The Pink Pistachio, recipes with personality
* (ok I only had to read a couple of posts to be a REALLY big fan.)
Head on over there and check it out, ok??? The Pink Pistachio

5 Wonderful People Who Commented:

sherree said...

they look beautiful!!!i am heading over to check her site out :)

Home and Heart said...

Save me one!! I am on my way over............ :-)

Cherie said...

If those taste as good as they look you are one lucky woman!! Beautiful cookies.

Em said...

She is one of my best friends in real life:-) Love Missy.

Sue said...

Such cute cookies!