Saturday, October 2, 2010

It's Mr. Produce

It is pumpkin time of year, well actually it SHOULD be pumpkin time of year but all we have is a small table of pumpkins.

So I was asked (told) to write about Pumpkins.

#1 If you don’t want your large pumpkins to rot, don’t set them on the concrete where they’ll get wet.

You don’t want your pumpkins out where they’ll get all rained on (can you tell we live in the Pacific Northwest ?) When Pumpkins stand in water they will rot.

And let me just make it clear, I hate pumpkin season.

Where I work you CAN NOT just take the forklift and set that big(giant) cardboard box filled with pumpkins out to sell. Nope, you have to REMOVE, each AND every ONE of the orange monsters and stack them in the plastic tables or on the floor and around and around the outside of the store. AND let me tell you it is a joy when someone wants to purchase that giant mother of all pumpkins to have on display at their Halloween Party and YOU are called to LIFT it and bring it out to their car and hope that it fits in the back or you will have to CARRY it back to the store and have them bring another vehicle to get this monstrosity. No, it won’t fit into a cart, and usually a pallet is not available to roll out.

No I do not like pumpkins. At all. Ever. Period.

Except for all those recipes listed yesterday. Ah Oh this is the start of the Holiday 15.

Story of the week.

We can all relate to getting older. Well it seems that this ‘older’ guy decided he would soon be needing a “lark kart”. He came into the store to practice on our karts. The first department is produce. As his hand (finger) hit the accelerator... his steering went out of control and he careened right into Kim the other produce guy. *OUCH* It pinned him into the wet rack! The gentleman then fumbled and tried to back-up at which point he again found the forward button and rammed into Kim again, this time hitting him (with the front basket) where... umm… it really hurt and he fell to the floor doubled over in pain.

The 'older' guy was mortified that he did this (twice) and that he couldn’t even drive one of these new-fangled ‘karts” so he just got out of the kart, left it there and made his way back to the parking lot… and got in his giant RV and drove away.

I kid you not.

Let’s see, you have to have a special license to drive a motorcycle, a special license to drive a truck, but ANY 80-90 year old person can drive a RV.

Gotta love America .

6 Wonderful People Who Commented:

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

holy cow about the guy in the RV..why didn't someone stop him so he could pay for this guys medical bills..hey save me all of your pumpkin stems on the pumpkins you don't sell..I use them in my the big ones best..;) or I can come up to where you live to get them..Iam not kidding about this.;) just ask your wife.;)

Marydon said...

You crack me up! I can just picture that guy & his 'driving' ...

We finally finished both house constructions & took off for 2 weeks. I apologize, but will be better now.

TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

Sue said...


Great post.


Mumsy said...

I feel for you having to deal with all those pumpkins...couldn't be fun for sure. I hope Kim was not badly injured from the guy running into him. Shame on that man for just walking off and leaving, where was his compassion? I would not want to be on the same road as he in his RV. Another great post Mr. Produce! Hugs

Lauren said...

OH MY GOODNESS, the stories you have!!!
sorry you have to carry all the heavy pumpkins... at least you get this week off! a brief respite from pumpkin lifting marathons at your store...
remember the big pumpkin i got last year? and how they didnt want to help me load it? that was not good. but yes, i did buy that mother of all pumpkins and i loooved it! :)

Ormolulu said...

I covered my little (?) pumpkins, so they wouldn't see your post about *hating* pumpkins. So very sad that you discriminate against them because they are *heavy*. But I will forgive you for your anti-pumpkin sentiments if you bake me something pumpkin-y delicious! He-he-he!!! Happy Halloween, Lisa!!