Monday, May 2, 2011

I need technology help... ipod users are needed here

We had a great weekend get-a-way.  Which means you scramble like crazy Saturday morning and get all the jobs done (including all his lawns mowed).  Then drive 2 hours to Seattle.  The big city was fun, expensive, different, sunny and tasty.

Consequently I've had 2 computer free days.  And now that I've been 'out of area' for two days, I'm REALLY behind in my reading.  But you know what they say. 
You do?   
-moderation in all things-
Speaking of technology, I've been  trying to learn something new each week.  This weeks goal was to use the ipod.  Mr. Produce has had one for a couple of years.  His boys downloaded a ton of songs on it.  but.. I didn't really want to listen to AC/DC or RUSH or stuff like that... so I finally watched a couple of u-tube tutorials and have figured out some things.  I did get connected to itunes, I did spend a couple bucks downloading their $1.29 songs (what ever happened to the 99cent songs?) and now I have about 20 minutes of songs to walk to. I need more!
so the quesions I have are:
like how do I organize the music that is already on the ipod?  There is so much that is just floating around there, I'd like to give all the songs their own albums.
How do I get more songs without having to pay through the nose??? and How do I find songs to download (on itunes I was looking for exercising/walking music but only a couple of EXTREMELY cheesie mix-master albums were available.)
I guess it is going to take me another week to get all the questions answered and for me to get at least 30 minutes of walking music.. (or I could just keep the 20 and only do 20 minutes of walking a day! haha)

There really aren't enough hours in a day to get everything done.  And it would take me too long to listen to or read more about organizing your time, and qualifying what you NEED in your life.  I've already faced the fact that I can NOT get it all done.  So I just  prioritize the way I need to, to get through the day, although
I do have a wish list... come on, am I alone here?????

11 Wonderful People Who Commented:

Silver Strands said...

Can't help you with your ipod, but I'm so glad to hear of your fun time away ... yup: moderation!

Nezzy said...

I'm so sorry, 'can't help, wouldn't be prudent! I don't own an Ipod.

I'm sure someone will drop by who has all the answers for ya.

God bless and have a great day!

signed; Clueless in Missouri :o)

Garden of Egan said...

I had to have my daughter help me with mine last week. I have my playlists perfectly on it and I struggle every time I put another song.

The last song I bought was 99 cents. Now I'm sad I didn't get more at the bargain price.

Sue said...

My son loaded up my iPod, so I'm useless to help you. Love mine, though!


Lauren said...

ill fix it whenever you next come visit me? OR we can do a skype thing? but i don't think that would work because i could see you but not your computer... hmmm
maybe kieri knows how to log on to your computer remotely? she is better at that sort of thing anyway...

Jennifer Juniper said...

Oh boy, ipod woes...I was hoping one of these commentors could enlighten me too!

I love your avatar on my followers list! I had to come over to see what was going on over here :)

kieri said...

Allrighty. I will attempt to help with this. I just got my first iPOD last week and went through the process of adding my vast library of songs onto it. I am going to offer to you a guest blog post to help all of your followers/iPOD users to upload and find your music. I will try to write it tonight, but definitely have it to you by Wednesday night. Love you!

Lisalulu said...

and that my friends is why you have kids, so they will fix all your technology for you!

blueviolet said...

I usually just do the shuffle setting, but I do separate my own music and the songs I've purchased, because I'm usually in the mood to play either or.

kieri said...

OK, I haven't had time to write a whole post yet, but I will have plenty of time tomorrow at JURY DUTY!

Carmie of the Single Nester said...

I would go onto the iTunes website and organize your songs that way. Make Playlists. I have about 15 different playlists and 4000 songs on mine. I need a new one too. Mine is old like yours.