Tuesday, July 12, 2011

forgivness- and faith

So after a couple of talks on Sunday.. it got me thinkin'..(I usually hear talks and think, oh yeah I've heard this before and just listen and that is that.)  The talks on Sunday were about forgiveness and repentance.  There were a couple of points that were? questionable.. and I guess about 'your' experiences...
I cannot find the quotes given.. and wonder if they were quotes?
specifically: that you need to forgive because in not forgiving, it is worse than the offense.
nope I don't get that.
I do understand that not forgiving is "like a canker for your memories and will eat at your soul"
but I just don't get how it is worse than the offense.
and as I am apt to do...  I will not dwell on it, but if you have any insight... we all might learn something.

And as long as we are speaking spiritually... my friend Momza wrote a FANTASTIC blog post about having faith and buying a home (read selling a home for me), getting the mortgage needed and ...  Having Faith.....
I need this, I need to read this every day.. my family needs to read this..(I'm going to read it again)
Momza's blog
so if you find yourself in need of knowing a little bit about faith the Mormon way you can read her blog.. she is pretty funny, and such a cool example of a mom and grandma!
I need to have faith, or more specifically, I need to exercise my faith.  Take it out for a walk. 
and faith and prayer go hand in hand. 
I have to go take my new friends Faith and Prayer out for a walk.

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Momza said...

Hey, how kind of you to pass on my experience/trial. I believe that in sharing our journey, it may make the journey of others easier.
We are here to learn and grow, we know this. If more people would share what they've learned OPENLY as a matter of fact, we'd all benefit, I do believe.
As far as unforgiveness being worse than being offended...I think the underlying idea is that in forgiving someone else, we recognize our own need for mercy.
This doesn't mean that we open ourselves for more abuse from the offender, or make excuses for their actions--it just means we leave the offenders judgement up to God, and move forward with our own best intentions. How's that?

Sue said...

I've always been surprised by this, too, but it's stated pretty clearly in the scriptures.

9 "Wherefore, I say unto you, that ye ought to forgive one another; for he that forgiveth not his brother his trespasses standeth condemned before the Lord; for there remaineth in him the greater sin."

10 "I, the Lord, will forgive whom I will forgive, but of you it is required to bforgive all men." D&C 64:9-10

It almost seems as if, in not forgiving, we are being prideful to the extent that we are trying to set ourselves up as false Gods...refusing to humble ourselves, obey the direct commandment to forgive, and let our Father in Heaven be the sole judge and final authority on who will and will not be forgiven.

Just a thought?


blueviolet said...

I don't feel as if it's worse than the offense, but I can vouch for the fact that it eats away at your soul. When I let something go about 3 years ago, I felt such inner peace. Too bad it was soon replaced with more angst. :(

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

You really gave me something to think about my dear friend but I lean toward what your saying but I do know that not forgiving hurts you more than them.
Hard to do in a lot of cases...right!
I have missed you my friend so I am here today to catch up and see what you are up too.
Love ya