Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I've got the wedding bell blues, or REDs

I've been making the chair sashes for THE wedding... I though I was done.. but I mis-calculated and have to make 10 more! sigh
They should look something like this:
I don't know what else should go down the isle.  The ceremony takes place above the beach on a terrace/deck of the restaurant.  I'm afraid that it will be a little windy and rose petals down the isle are a little cliche, although traditional.
Any Ideas out there?????
oh and have I mentioned that the wedding is 6 weeks away!!!!

4 Wonderful People Who Commented:

Pat said...

Love the ties for the chairs. We used hydrangea petals at my daughter's wedding, but they may blow away too.

Momza said...

I say, don't worry about the ground. Everyone's going to be looking at the bride anyway. And it's outside...that natural beauty is all you need.
Can't wait for pics!

Sue said...

I agree with Momza. The aisle won't matter.


regan said...

What about sprinkling the aisle with little red confetti hearts? Is that corny, brilliant, too sweet, or just dumb? You be the judge! lol