Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cancer Sucks.

So yesterday I was questioning my emotions... and my good friend Momza set me straight:
"can't wait to get a discount for just being alive."
wow, THAT slapped me back to reality.

A few years ago the giant department store Macy's ran an ad campaign that featured the latest and greatest (read expensive) fashions.  The lead copy was:
What Matters Most. 
wait, what matters most?.. and they think it is expensive clothes and watches and jewelry?

A subject that is hard to discuss.
In 1997, my sister found out she had breast cancer.  She had three little kids.  It was a pretty grueling year for her, mastectomy, chemo and radiation. 
In 1998, exactly one year later, I was diagnosed with stage III ovarian cancer.  Three months later my sister's cancer had metastasised to her brain, lungs etc.  She died later that year at the age of 34.  
October is Breast Cancer awareness month.  I don't think that anyone can NOT be aware of breast cancer.  I believe it has touched so many people that most everyone has known someone that has been afflicted with this disease.
I only hope that each of us can support any family and/or friend that has to race to survive the beast. 

and I hope that no matter what...
really folks, NO MATTER WHAT, we all remember
What Matters Most

...and Momza, I am happy to get a discount for being alive!

10 Wonderful People Who Commented:

Silver Strands said...

You have a way with words! Very well said, a good "slap-in-the-face" and great name for this post. Thanks for the reminder.

Sue said...

Wonderful post, Lisa, and something we all need to hear.


PS. I loved Dawn's post, too.

Lauren said...

I'm glad you get one too!!
So scary when I think how young Aunt Louisa was... I'm only a few years away from that! Eek.

Cherie said...

It definately is good to count your blessings!

And am I to understand you beat stage 3 ovarian cancer? I am so glad and that is so wonderful!! You should be definately jumping for joy every birthday!

I am so sorry about your sister though. So sad, and so young.

regan said...

"What matters most....." We should all put that note up, and refer to it every time we start griping about something stupid! I know I'm going to!

So glad you miraculously survived stage III.....and I'm so sorry you lost your sister.....you're exactly right.....cancer sucks!

Blessings from Cindy said...

Amen, Lisa! I can only imagine how hard it was to lose your sister so young & be stricken with cancer yourself. Thank you for a wonderful post & reminder to us all!

chancythegardner said...

So sorry for you losses sweet Lisa. This is a wonderful post. I hate cancer too and hope we soon will see a cure for all cancer. Hugs

Momza said...

Awww Lisa, such a priceless perspective. You really are so lovely and lov-ing.
What matters most is LIFE, hunh? And I think everyone should get a discount just for making it thru another day on this planet earth.
Hugs today.

Together We Save said...

Oh wow - this brought tears to my eyes. So touching, I am so glad you are alive.

JB said...

You did more than survive you conquered. :-) makes me happy...