Tuesday, October 18, 2011

fail, EPIC fail

I have made a couple of recipes using pumpkin in the last couple of weeks so the 'bright' idea was born that i would make all my blogs next week a pumpkin-palosa.

Last night I wanted to use up some cream-cheese frosting left over from one of the recipes... so I had found this pretty easy pumpkin cookie recipe (without raisins 'cuz Mr. Produce does NOT like raisins).
It called for shortening.....
now I had bought shortening last year to make some gingerbread house walls.. so I figured that I could just use that.
THERE's my first problem... shortening in cookies.. THAT is just wrong, and not too healthy!
My second problem, I really..really..REALLY hate to admit this ... but the shortening didn't smell too good.  But you know it's shortening, right? it lasts forever right? they tell you that you should have that in your food storage, right?
wrong.  wrong.  wrong.
well I went ahead and made the cookies.
(that's not really heat.. it is a rancid smell)

The cookies smelled bad too.
Mr. Produce and I tried them (and actually smothered in frosting they weren't half bad,well actually they were HALF bad).  
This morning, I don't feel so good. 
I really hope I don't have to call in sick to work
oh, and that shortening can that I threw away, um....
the bottom of the can said: sell by 08-2008. 
gulp, guess I didn't buy it last year.
I may have to postpone pumpkin-pa-losa till next year because I feel like hurling up pumpkinpalosas today.
hey just keeping it real folks.

7 Wonderful People Who Commented:

regan said...

I'm so sorry! What a horrible experience! Cookie baking is supposed to be heavenly; not make you want to hurl! Hope you feel better very soon!

Incidentally....I have a recipe for 'Angel Cookies' that is mostly powdered suger, shortening, and chocolate chips.....and they melt in your mouth!.....But the shortening needs to be fresh! lol I like those Crisco sticks.....I know they're more expensive, but they are easier to measure with, and they aren't such a huge commitment to the amount, like that huge can!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Ah honey I wish I were there to help you but I have to tell you sweetie I am not good with someone hurling up pumpkinpalosas .....hahaha
But for you I would try.
Feel better soon and throw those cookies away.
Love ya

Sue said...

Oh, dear.

Hope you feel much better real soon!


PS. One thing's for sure, food poisoning doesn't seem to adversely impact your sense of humor...


Cherie said...

I had no idea shortening went bad. So weird.
Hope you are feeling better.

Lauren said...


Momza said...

yuck. I hate that pukey feeling. I hope you get it out of your system PRONTO! and you're back to feeling great!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

yeah I heard it goes rancid too..and I check the labels on everything now..I would replace the shortening for applesauce..I do it with oil..is shortening the same thing as oil? hope you are feeling better now.;)