Thursday, October 6, 2011

It's looking like Halloween already

I love Halloween,
no so much the 'begging for candy'
but the dressing up.
and since it's not exactly October 31st... I found some fun 'dress-up' things to make.
We have a couple of 'new' little girls in our family.. I'm not too sure of their sizes but I made them some fun shirts.
 Spiders seem to be a theme here!
maybe I should make ME one!!!
nope they creep me out!

7 Wonderful People Who Commented:

Julia said...

Lisalulu, I love your craftiness. Great idea for kids and... grownup too. JB

blueviolet said...

They're really cute! I love that spider theme!

Silver Strands said...

creepy, yes ... but definitely CUTE!

Sue said...

Conversely, I'm not so much into the dressing up. I'm all about the candy!


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

oh they are "creepy" the idea..but I couldn't wear a spider shirt..would be constantly swatting myself to get it off of me.;)lol..

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

I am like Sue just give me the candy. lol
Great shirts though and they will love them.
Just had to come by and wish you a very happy weekend my friend
Love ya

regan said...

Spiders totally creep me out! A saw a woman sitting with her back to me the other day at a restaurant, and she had this humongous spider pin on the back of her shoulder! I was almost ready to pull off a shoe and smack it, when I saw it was glittery and diamond studded! Boy, was she lucky.....and creepy! lol