Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Back to Life

a picture of my girlfriends back yard. (near Joyce)


Such a wonderful vacation. Family, Food, WARM WEATHER in the dead of winter! Arizona is definitely where you want to be in the Winter season. I wore my flip-flops every day. Only used a jacket at night when the sun went down. Every walk was taken in the mild (not sweaty, not chilly) air. Ahhhhhhhh Shangri-La

Then flying back into Seattle on Sunday, not too bad I think it was 40. BUT. . . . .Monday it was 33 when I left for work. And at about 2pm it started snowing, a light steady snowfall…. still falling when I got off work …and all thru the night. A light beautiful fluffy SNOW. Then the over night freeze came so the drive in the dark of the morning was hazardous! Sigh I can only flip thru my pictures of Arizona and dream of being warm. Guess what it really means is that I am still getting used to Winter in the Pacific Northwest.

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em said...

ah, but fresh snow is gorgeous, so at least you have something pretty to come home to!:-)