Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Desert Botanical Gardens

When in Arizona... what do you do? you visit beautiful gardens.. what??? you say, how can there be gardens in the desert? wellll there are ..... with blown glass... pretty amazing! We saw cactus and more cactus with all sorts of glass by Chihuly to brighten up the scenery. It was a beautiful fun summer ahhh winter day! Kieri drove over from San Diego so it was a nice family get together. oh yeah and it was hot.. a blistering 77degrees. They also had a live concert in the back of the gardens.. so plants, glass and music... who could ask for more!

Lauren and I laughing at ourselves...

Forest-- yes-- they call this a forest.

Kieri and I posing.

3 Wonderful People Who Commented:

emily said...

hello!!!!!! yay for blogging:-) saw that you found me too! love your diamonds along the sides of your page, so pretty and sparkly, go you! can't wait to see what you conjure up on here:-)
love emily

carmen said...

Hi Lisa!! I'm so happy that you found me, and how fun, you've started a blog!! It's way cute, and I'm way jealous that you went to AZ without me - Oh so homesick!! (especially when it's soooo cold outside!) I'm happy that we can keep in touch this way, since we never see each other! Oh, and thanks for becoming the first to follow my blog, I should give you a prize or something. Maybe a hug the next time I see you!!

Winder Love said...

Lisa!! Glad you have joined the blogging community!! Miss you a ton and hope you are doing well! love ya.