Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My new favorite thing is Hulu

- - - - -grrr if only I knew how to put something other than pics i've taken with my camera, you would see a picture of the hulu logo here- - - -

wow Movies, TV, TV that I've NEVER seen before let alone heard of, and TV I've only heard of but NEVER had the time to waste,. . . i mean watch.
If I have 20 minutes before bed I can watch an episode from The Office which I have just come to admire for it's quirky sense of ridiculousness.... Next I'm aiming for 30rock (again never seen only heard of) .. ALL for free anytime I want.
AND when you miss a show (like lets say while on vacation or something... you know what I mean Lauren) YOU CAN WATCH IT WITH OUT COMMERCIALS.
yummmmmm . . . .
HULU I heart you... you will waste a lot of my time...
only, I can't spend all my time with you....I am trying to read and check out TONS of creative things people do on their BLOGS! (more about that next week!)

2 Wonderful People Who Commented:

em said...

how to post a picture of pictures/logos you want:
copy and paste any picture from the web into your "my pictures" folder, then load like any other picture.
hopefully that will help!
love em

carmen said...

Ok,well I guess I will have to check out this "hulu" I saw the commercials for it during superbowl, and I was intrigued, not because I was interested in what it was, but because Hulu is my nickname. It's short for Kahulumealani, my middle name. It's even on my Christmas stocking. My dad calls me Hulu Pooh. Anyway, I've heard a little more about it since the superbowl, and it sounds like great fun. Ever seen Pushing Daisies?? It's real weird and cute, but you have to watch from the begining so you understand exactly what's going on. Oh, and if you happen to learn how to add a calendar to your blog, could you please pass on the info. I know how to add a calendar gadget, but what I really want is a calendar for my cheer and football blogs that has all of the upcoming important events. One that parents could click on and print. I have a friend, Nola. (You should check out her blog!)She knows how to do links. Maybe that's the way to go. Have a great day!! :o) CK