Tuesday, February 17, 2009


My sweet husband gave me a hydrangea plant for Valentines day. I like flowers but I love plants... the gift that keeps on giving!!

My only problem is that when I plant these plants they only grow -pink-

I love the purple flowers, and blue flowers and green to white flowers... but I guess it's the soil that has something (or nothing) in it that pops them up pink.

Rhododendrons grow plentiful here too, they are nice but NOTHING beats a beautiful healthy hydrangea bush!!

agree? or disagree.... what is your favorite flowering plant

2 Wonderful People Who Commented:

Lauren said...

I know you loooove hydrangeas! And if you want the color to change you can put the stuff to do so into the soil?????
I like tulips--- but they rarely flower. I remember there is a house in Redwood City that I drove by once and their tulips were up and they had hundreds of them in different colors surrounding their house (it was on a corner) and it was just stunning!

carmen said...

I love hydrangeas, and although I know nothing about gardening, I do know that Angie Bean has the bluish purple ones in front of her house. They are the best flower to dry.