Monday, July 27, 2009

Creating a Framed Earring Picture

I've been collecting frames for just "the right use". This weekend I finally found some metal meshing for a dollar. (instead of having to pay 8dollars at home depot for a MUCH larger amount than I would ever need.
Tools & items needed:
hollow frame, ruler, wire cutter, electric staple gun, (or strong staple gun), exacto knife, roll of small wire mesh, foam backing board, fabric or paper if you wish
measure the inside of the frame from the back. This is the measurement you will cut out of the wire mesh. There should be a lip you can staple into (where the glass of the frame sat)
with the wire cutters cut out the amount you will need. You will staple this onto the back side of the frame so make sure there is room on the lip for the staples not to show.
Stapeling on the back side of the frame, I used an electric stapler to keep the wire mesh in place. You don't have to use an electric one, it just goes faster.
Measure the outside of the frame for the foam board. This frame actually had a recessed area (lip) to staple the foam board. You can always staple it to the total outline diameter of the frame if there is no lip.
Measure out the foam board and using a ruler and exacto knife cut. (exacto knife so you don't bend the board when you scissors would do). Or you could use a heavy card board. You can cover the foam board with fabric or paper (using modge podge or paper glue or adhesive spray). It just so happened that my foam board was gold.
staple the foam board into place and that is that. Much easier that I thought. Within 1 hour I had a fun earring holder. If I find some S hooks, I can hang necklaces too.

3 Wonderful People Who Commented:

The McEwans said...

Looks good!!

Sue said...

Great idea! I've never seen this, and it looks like you could hang a ton of earrings there. I like this.


Lauren said...

i NEED one!