Friday, July 17, 2009

Lavender Festival

I come from the land of Pumpkins (Half Moon Bay, CA) but now I find myself surrounded with lavender fields……… hence the LAVENDER FESTIVAL.
Once a year our little town is over-run with tourists who come to smell the calming sent of lavender. Lots of tourists!
This weekend is Lavender Festival and the town is overcrowded with people wanting a little relaxation time, scrumptious food, sun sun sun and of course shopping for the perfect lavender inspired “thingie”.
I myself attend the street fair, but so far haven’t been to any of the 10 farm tours that feature a “unique” food & music program. Since I live here I can go to any of the farms that are open all summer long and get my smell of lavender and herbs so I’m not about to pay $15.00 and ride buses around to the fields to contend with the hoards of tourists.
I’ll just sit out in my own lavender field and meditate… about which garage sale I will hit up in the morning.
But I will always have a fondness for pumpkins!

4 Wonderful People Who Commented:

The McEwans said...

Haha. I refuse to pay the money too! We may walk around town but...probably not. Maybe we will go pick raspberries.

Lauren said...

such pretty pictures--- did you take them?? (nooo... just the last one, right??)
I had to laugh when I showed Will and said "look how pretty those photos are" and he said "yeah, I can practically smell them, ugh!" haha
Wish I was there already!!!
Love the background, but I can't read it... maybe I will see if I remember how to log in to your account and fix it for you... I know, I'm so good to you. ;)

Lisa said...

welcome! :) hope the colors are ok for you... I know you don't love green though... but I thought it looked nice. Love you!

em said...

i can't believe how gorgeous that is. so vibrant. i want it.